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Atmosphere: How to Place Art The Right Way

Art is a wonderful accompaniment to any room. It can be the one piece that ties into your entire design, adding colour, pattern and life into even a dull or uninspired space. Hanging your art is a critical step in getting the right look. That’s why we present a simple guide to help you place your art like a pro, with some top creative choices now available from Atmosphere Furniture.

The first question is ‘where?’

Where will you place that piece of art you fell in love with? In a modern home, the choices are endless, so consider all positions and pick a prime spot where you can always admire your choice.

For example, an oversized artwork will make for a grand statement of style above a console in an entryway. However, you could also place one in the living room or use smaller artwork in a row to show off some colour and texture in a hallway. Art can double as a great conversation starter.

To lean or not to lean

Leaning artwork against a wall is simplistic and modern, however, in a family home where you have little hands and feet to knock into things, you may want to reconsider leaning your precious masterpieces in certain areas to avoid accidents. Large oversized artwork leaning against a wall offers a definitely sense of elegance, but if this is out of the question, perhaps consider leaning it on a high shelf or console, out of the way of tiny humans. See the below artwork as a leaning centrepiece that ties into the overall look of this living space.

Should you group art?

Artwork can most definitely be grouped for greater effect. We suggest using multiples of twos for a streamlined, balanced approach. Grouped in four, six or more, you can really make a statement and create the same ‘wow’ factor of a much larger artwork for a fraction of the cost.

To get the look just right, try drawing up a grid on graph paper to confirm the perfect distance between each piece of art before you start hanging. Or, you may also like to lay them out on the floor to get the right arrangement and then measure between them before you hang them on the wall.

Placement matters

When hanging art on a wall, remember that your artwork will have maximum appeal if it is hung with the centre of the image at eye-level. This will add balance and proportion to your room. For example, this statement black and white print hangs at eye-level adjacent to a dining room table (below) where guests can admire it as a focal point in the room.

Whichever way you like it, art is a personal choice that can totally enhance the mood of your home. If you’re looking for a statement piece to bring colour and life into your space, then have a look at the selection available from Atmosphere.

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