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Tamsyn Cornelius Art: 4 Ways To Pursue Your Calling As An Artist

“A career in art often finds you, and not the other way around. In many ways, it is a calling and there is little you can do to run away from the passion to create what you feel on the inside. Once you step into the flow, doors begin to open for you and art becomes an extension of who you are.”

A commissioned gift: Stallion – man’s most loyal companion in battle

This is the philosophy behind the work of Tamsyn Cornelius. As a self-taught artist based in Brackenfell, Cape Town, Tamsyn shares a love for all things creative. Her canvas creations are often inspired by nature and the innate beauty of the human form. She also runs a monthly Kids’ Art Club from her home art studio called ‘Tammy’s Inspiration Station’.

But things were not always this way. As a mom of two and a freelance writer working from home, art took a backseat for several years, but somehow always found a way into Tamsyn’s life and heart.

Whether crafting with her children, recycling old things into home décor, or painting a canvas, there has always been a desire to create and make things beautiful.

Mixed Media portrait completed as a workshop by The Yellow Door Art Studio

Making the time to Create

Like many young mothers pursuing a career and family, it’s difficult to make time for the things that stir your heart. But time is essential to turn a passion into something meaningful.

Tamsyn explains: “During lockdown of 2020, when the whole world was stuck at home and revaluating the meaning of life, I was forced to look inward and make some changes. I needed to make time for myself again and ask the important questions… What do I have to contribute to this world? How am I pursuing the call of God on my life? And most importantly, what gifts have I been neglecting?

After not picking up a paintbrush for many years, I then decided to challenge myself to paint at least one painting every month. And this quickly spiralled into painting every week and then every single day.”

Soon enough, Tamsyn started selling her creations to family and friends (mostly because her husband had warned her that there was just no more space on the walls of their own home). Together they also carved out a space at home to be used as a home art studio – a place where Tamsyn could paint and welcome guests to come and explore their creative side too.

Moving from ‘stuck’ to becoming a ‘creator’

“Art makes me feel alive. It may have started as a way to reconnect with myself and escape the mundane of everyday life, but soon it became a way for me to express something far deeper… a connection to the Creator within. I would love for my art to call things out in people – purpose, passion and a call on their lives, and this is also why I love painting prophetically and encouraging people to pursue a deeper walk with God.”

If you’re feeling stuck as a creative individual, perhaps it is time to revaluate where you are in life. Tamsyn shares these four easy tips to help you move from ‘stuck’ to ‘creating’…

  1. Make the time. If you have a passion, you need to nurture it. Learn as much as you can. Spend time (plot it into your schedule) to work on your craft. Do tutorials. Learn from other artists. Attend workshops. And watch your creativity bloom.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. As self-taught creatives, it is easy to feel inferior or underqualified in what you do. Focus on growing your skill and do it well without comparison. There is room for every creative idea on the planet!
  3. Put your work out there. Often, we are our biggest critics. You never know what you are capable of if you never risk showcasing your talents to the world.
  4. Know why you started. If you’re not sure of the ‘why’ – then go and figure this out. Plot in into a vision board. It can provide the motivation you need to keep going.

Bespoke work, commissions & paint parties

Today Tamsyn is available for commissioned work, whether a mural for a child’s bedroom or a customised acrylic painting. She also loves exploring with mixed media and is currently dabbling in the art of painting with unconventional materials like coffee and wine. Tamsyn also loves collaborating with other creatives – whether hosting workshops together or exploring new media. If you have an event, idea or simply want to chat with a fellow creative, then she is always available.

Her home studio is a safe space for children and adults alike. Tamsyn now offers live tutorial sessions and paint parties for groups – at her venue or at a venue of your choice.

“I love seeing people’s faces light up when they create something they never thought they could. Art has a way of igniting something inside of us we didn’t know was there.”

Favourite Quote: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou”

You can discover more of Tamsyn’s work online at www.tamsyncornelius.com or follow her on social media at Tammy’s Inspiration Station.

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