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Décor Feb 9, 2024

Metamorphosis of Light: A Study in Colour and Time by Rabinowitz Photography.

In the realm of interior design, color serves as the magical brush stroke that transforms a space into a canvas of emotions and moods. While many prefer black and white wildlife photography for its classical appeal, we believe that colour adds a level of authenticity and magic one should not underestimate.

With browns and reds having a moment right now, we invite you on a visual journey inspired by the captivating work of Cape Town-based conservation photographer, Adam Rabinowitz, exploring the mesmerizing series, “Metamorphosis of Light” taken in the Namib Desert in Namibia. 

A lone tree stands in the shadow of famous Dune 45. Capturing hundreds of images during the course of a day, Adam chose a set of three taken at sunrise, sunset and twilight respectively. 

Often mistaken for a Photoshop trick, the true magic is revealed when one realises that the distinct changes in colour are simply due to the moving sun. A wonderful metaphor for life – as we are so caught up in our own world that we don’t notice these subtle changes happening around us.

Morning Magic:
The first photograph in the series unveils the morning magic, where the red dune awakens from the shadows as the sun stretches its warm fingers over the landscape, the bare branches of a tree catch the light. where shadows turn the desert sands maroon

Metamorphosis Of Light: Sunrise


Sunset Serenity:
The second piece captures the poetic serenity of sunset. The dunes, now cloaked in the warm embrace of oranges, reveal a different palette. One can almost feel the heat radiating from the dunes as they wait for some relief.

Metamorphosis Of Light: Sunset


Twilight’s Touch:
In the final image in the series the dunes are bathed in the radiant redness of twilight. The image invites tranquility and reflection. It’s a moment frozen in time, inviting us to pause and appreciate the beauty of transitions.

Metamorphosis Of Light: Twilight


Bringing the Outdoors In: A Palette of Possibilities

Warm and Refreshing Hues:
The warm tones in this series work well with wooden or earthy furniture. A pop of colour can bring life into a room filled with neutral tones.

Statement Pieces:
Modern in its simplicity, but iconically African (featuring of the famous Acacia tree) it bring an elegant South African feel to any space.

Creating Moments of Pause:
Just as the lone tree at the bottom of Dune 45 signifies a moment to stop and breathe, incorporate cozy corners in your home. These spaces beckon you to take a breath, unwind, and relish the beauty within your own walls.

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