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Lafrique Studios


Where the art of photography comes alive.

Born out of a love of photography, Lafrique Studios was established in 2012 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Today the photographic studio has grown into a successful online store that offers photographic prints, exclusive art pieces, as well as photographic and framing services.

“Our love for lifestyle and wedding photography has transcended into an ‘Art of Living’ movement, where we offer a broad range of products and artistic commissioned services,” explains the studio.

“Our online store now features exclusive poster art pieces, a professional printing room, a framing studio, commissioned art pieces, and an art Gallery Atelier.

This includes limited-edition poster artwork. photography, illustrations, and drawings in colour and classic black and white, depicting a wide range of subject matter, from abstract architecture and fashion works to botanical prints.

“We believe in creating beautiful pieces of photography art that are highly collectable, with each collection taking days, weeks, or even months to plan and create,’ says the studio.

“When you purchase from us, you are buying from the authentic author of the work. Your printed photography artwork comes with an authenticity card, indicating the original number of the print you hold in possession and the name of the collection piece.”

In addition to proof of authenticity, each work also comes with a 14 days return policy to ensure each customer is perfectly satisfied with their art.


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