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Jedanna Dezines: A Fusion of Art and Decor

The timeless dance between art and interior design can create environments that breathe life, tell stories, and evoke emotions in everyday spaces. From the bold strokes of a canvas to the intricate details of a pour, the integration of art elevates interior spaces beyond mere functionality, inviting a symphony of colour, texture, and narrative.

In this exploration of the harmonious marriage between artistic expression and interior design, we delve into the enchanting wonders that emerge when creativity is intertwined with living spaces. Join us on a journey as we introduce the captivating local art of Jedanna’s Dezines…

As with many artists, Jedanna’s Dezines came about from a love of creativity and expression. Says the founder: “I’m so glad I took my art out of my comfort zone. I started on an upward trend by watching and listening to other artists on YouTube. I followed a lot of artists and I continue to reinvent myself by trying all kinds of art. This marbling (cells) has so amazed me that I could do it and put it above “the bubbles of the bath.”

Exploring many different mediums can be challenging, but this is how the artist develops skill and broadens one’s horizons. Learning from others and getting hands-on in different art forms, can give new life to the work of one’s hands… “Pours are not artwork for beginners. I only started being able to do this after three years of doing everything from Dutch pours to swipes to resin; learning from viewing YouTube, you will find a way to do things correctly.”

The Art of Resin

Resin art is a contemporary form of artistic expression that involves using epoxy resin as the primary medium to create visually captivating and often three-dimensional artworks. Epoxy resin is a versatile and transparent material that, when mixed with a hardener, undergoes a chemical reaction resulting in a durable, glossy, and glass-like finish. This unique property makes it an ideal medium for creating intricate and stunning artworks that can be preserved for a long time.

At Jedanna Dezines, resin is viewed as a wonderful material with so many possibilities… “Oh, Resin, you are delightful and precious, mixing the pigment into the resin to get three colours.” One of her creations boasts a monochrome of black and white, with some gold thrown in for something a little different. “And this wondrous bowl turned out better than even I had hoped.”

You can see the striations, meaning the straight lines pull from the edge towards the middle. This happens about 30 minutes after you pour, and it’s like watching magic happen.

What’s more, is that the industry keeps evolving and today you can find a new eco-friendly resin available. It’s mixed with water.

Working with clients

Art and interior design go hand in hand. And this is what Jedanna Dezine’s finds great joy in accomplishing. “This is what I love best. Doing décor! The client and I will have a pow-wow session about what is needed and acceptable in the budget and what time is allowed to finish it. Knowing most stores near me, I know what the client wants. They may only want to do one room, a whole house or a B&B, with the possibility of every room using different themes.

3 simple rules

We asked Jedanna Dezine’s to share what their approach is to working on interiors…

“When I explain my basic three rules to my clients; only white linen on beds, white towels, and no magnets on fridge doors, it’s like a lightbulb comes on in their minds. You can change your throw, pillows, and accessories if you have white linen. You will also find the delightful pink towels you bought look like washed-out rags after a few weeks. Don’t be tempted by store exhibitions.”

Jedanna Dezines’ creations seamlessly blend with interior design, imbuing spaces with a touch of magic and a unique sense of identity. Visit Jedanna Dezines online for more.

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  1. Brent

    August 13, 2023

    It’s beautiful, I love it!


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