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Interior Wall Styling Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Space

Home improvement projects have been trending online, and they’ll continue to be popular in the coming years. A study by BlueWeave Consulting shows that the home improvement market worldwide will reach 514.9 billion by 2028, according to the GlobeNewswire.  With families spending more time at home than ever, redesigning interior spaces is crucial to promote healthier living and improve comfort levels.

There are many ways to decorate your living room, from adding cosy furniture and floor rugs, to styling interior walls. Decorating walls is an excellent way of transforming the dull, blank spaces to give it an amazing look. Like most people, you can choose to decorate your walls with a fresh coat of paint or add some love with geometric tiles. Whatever you decide, think through it carefully and have a plan. Keep reading to learn a few interior wall styling ideas to spruce up your living space.

Create A Stunning Wall With Artwork

If you’re looking to add character into your living spaces, whether it’s the dining room, bedroom, or seating area, consider creating a unique art wall. The beauty of this wall decor idea is that there’s no limit to what you can display on your walls. You can showcase things that reflect your personality and inspire you. Ideally, you can display a mix of eclectic artwork and frames. For instance, you can pick art themed around travel and nature. You should also group together your favorite collection of paintings, postcards, family photos to create a stunning display. Alternatively, hang ceramic plates to add pattern, color, and texture to your gallery wall.

Get Creative with Shapes

Instead of creating an outer frame for your art pieces, experiment with interesting picture wall layouts. For example, you can design an outstanding gallery wall by arranging your photographs, paintings, and drawings to flow around fixtures or furniture or form a right-angled shape. Whatever gallery wall arrangement you pick, use a mix of different frame shapes, sizes, and materials. When selecting your picture frames, go for a mix of landscape, portrait, and square shapes, from the largest to the smallest.

The color of your picture frames will also affect the overall style of your wall art gallery. For instance, let’s say you want to create a minimalist and versatile gallery wall. Consider black picture frames to add a timeless colour to your living rooms. There are unique black frames in variations of shapes and sizes, materials and finishes. You can also choose among customized picture frames that are glazed and unglazed, acrylic, mirrored, and matte black.

Decorate Walls with Mirrors

Using mirrors to style your interiors is a sure way of making small living spaces appear larger than they are. Typically, mirrors bounce light within tiny rooms to give an impression of space. With this in mind, hang a large mirror on one wall as a statement decor piece to add interest. You could also group small mirrors with different shapes to make your room look more appealing.

Styling your interior walls is a perfect way of adding character and interest into your living spaces. To create beautiful walls, consider displaying your favorite art pieces, photographs, and ceramics. Get creative with framing to design a timeless wall decor. For example, you can use black frames of varying sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. Also, create an illusion of space and enhance style by hanging large and small mirrors.

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