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Custom Art Framing: How To Style A Wall of Art

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate. We need more of it in our homes, offices and public spaces to inspire hope and fill us with creative energy. If you’re an avid art collector, or just starting out in hopes of displaying your first artwork at home, you can learn to arrange art like the experts do. 

Here we share a few insights to help you style a wall of art and create a truly inspired interior setting at home.

Create balance by grouping art

You can create symmetry and balance by grouping artwork on your chosen wall. A symmetrical arrangement will help to anchor the room. Furthermore it will give your space a designer edge. The idea of using an even number of prints symmetrically laid out on your wall means that you can achieve order and the display will appear more pulled together.

Choose a theme

Go for one unifying element in your wall display. It could be a colour theme – like an all black and white monochromatic look. Or it could be texture and material – perhaps all gold frames, or a weathered, distressed collection. Whatever your choice, one common thread running through your display will subsequently help to achieve a high end look.

Keep it simple

If this is your first full wall installation, we suggest keeping it simple. Opt for large scale prints or beautiful photography to enhance the appearance of your walls. A statement piece or two will have far greater impact than a haphazard display.

Choose the right wall

The obvious spot for a full wall art display may be a blank living room wall. However, art in any area may be a very welcome addition to a room. Consider the different spaces in your home where art will have a big impact. Above your bed? On a staircase? Even in the bathroom. These could all do with a splash of colour and energy.

Custom Art Framing

Custom Art Framing provides a wide range of standard wooden frames from classic to contemporary in design. The range includes custom made frames in beautiful hand-made finishes. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of the art and framing world Janine Bath offers an awareness in identifying what art is required for clients in the corporate, hospitality, health care as well as the private sector. They can also help you acquire original art, fine art prints as well as wall paper art.

Contact Custom Art Framing for more info.


Images via Mount Nelson Hotel website

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