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Art Through The Generations: Meet Marco and Lisa Olivier

Today we speak to father and daughter creatives, Marco and Lisa Olivier. As an acclaimed sculptor, Marco’s inherent talent reaches into the next generation and becomes a family affair worth celebrating.

“Art is contagious, pass it on,” – Albert Einstein.


Marco Olivier’s career spans an interesting mix of industries including an early role as an Aircraft Engineer in the Air Force and then starting his own national designer furniture company ‘Marco Wrought Iron & Interior’ in his early 20’s. From flights and furniture design, Marco then moved on to pursue a career as a full-time professional golfer where he qualified in the UK and had a Professional Golf Academy “The Swing Lab”. His daughter Lisa attended this academy and soon became a top golfer herself – this was the first time father and daughter worked together.

Marco’s passion to create pushed him to start his first Bronze casting foundry in Cape Town in 2014. His goal was to start his own art line and in 2017 Marco had his first art piece ready and it was simply amazing. Today Marco’s sculptures are masterpieces and shares his innate passion for creative expression.

How has your practice changed over the years?
Marco: Texture has always fascinated me, weather it was rock or bark. All the natural elements have always been my passion, texture has influenced my past as a sculptor and will be a big part of my future.

What sculptors do you most identify with?
Marco: I am personally influenced by so many great past and present artists.

What work and medium do you most enjoy working with?
Marco: I enjoy casting in aluminum and bronze.

What inspires you in your work?
Marco: The satisfaction of bring joy to people.

Thinker Bronze

What themes do you like to work on?
Marco: Life size human anatomy.

At the age of 21, daughter Lisa Olivier has too been drawn to the creative world. She has just released her first piece entitled ‘Decoding Love’, first edition 1 of 7.

What is your background?

Lisa: I was pursuing a career as a Professional Pro Golfer before my life altering accident in January 2019. Due to my permanent right arm injury, having reconstructed titanium implants that now limit any active sport, I had to look at new opportunities. Working with my father since November 2019 I developed respect and a love for artistry. I am very grateful for that day. I know now that God’s plans were much bigger. He wants me to reach the world with art.

How has your practice changed over the years?

Lisa: This is my first art piece and I look forward seeing how my skills will develop in due time.

What Sculptors do you most identify with?

Lisa: Marco Olivier. Because Marco has developed an exceptional talent and skill for texture and creating with it. His love for texture has become my love for texture and has played a big role in the inspiration behind my first art piece.

What work and medium do you most enjoy working with?

Lisa: I love working with clay and colour, because it is so soft and easily shaped and controlled with guidance. With my dad and Gods guidance my first art piece was created with clay.

What inspires you in your work?

Lisa: I was quite amazed with my father’s skills as an artist. I watched him while he was creating his master pieces with so much passion and enjoyment. I saw and realized that his art wasn’t just spectacular but it also made an impact on people’s lives. I never understood art, but now I finally realize that art never stops creating. After its been made it still goes on to create. Creating new opinions, creating and adding to our beautiful world filled with colours and texture. Feel good art carries inspiring messages given by the artist.

Artists always will create art, but art will always create a better more beautiful world.

What themes do you like to work on?

Lisa: Using full or partial images of the human body, reflecting love, hope and peace. I love uplifting and inspiring messages that bring new hope.

Who is you role model?

Lisa: Jesus Christ my Savior. His message of giving unconditional love to everyone. God is the biggest and most inspiring sculptor.

What are you working on at the moment?

Lisa: Exhibiting the fruit of “Joy” through my new art piece, that it is a choice each day to walk in joy.

What do you enjoy in your spare time – something you love and why?

Lisa: I love and adore nature. Any outdoors activities that will create moments to create memories. I love family, good food and living life that glorifies my God.

Find out more about Marco Olivier online here.

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