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Art Focus: Meet Visual Artist Louis Minnaar

Now, more than ever before, we understand the importance of supporting local and promoting the work of our local South African artists. We love the work of our local artisans and creatives. These artists and craftsmen bring colour and light into the world… especially through the challenges we’ve faced in 2020, and beyond.

330mm X 920mm Acrylic on Wood Hand painted, original artwork.

Meet Louis Minnaar

Louis Minnaar is a visual artist from Pretoria. He has been creating work for solo and group exhibitions since 2005 in an array of various mediums.

After being in ‘painting hibernation’ for the last 15 years, and mostly working with non-traditional media, Louis recently re-discovered his love for painting. He is now focused on creating expressive, stylized ranges of paintings and prints inspired by traditional and modern African imagery.

1m x 1m Acrylic on Board Hand painted, original artwork.

A celebration of colour and Africa

Louis has developed a bold style of painting. He uses simple, colourful brush strokes and depicts imagery or ideas in their simplest forms.

Louis took to social media to explain his love of painting. “What I really love about painting is that it is so different from making any kind of graphic on a computer.  It’s as if another part of my brain is activated when I paint. No undo button, no re-colour button. Only redo…”

We love his choice of bold colours and intricate patterns. Many of his artworks are hand-painted original paintings. They are created using high-quality acrylic paint on composite wood box canvas. He also creates hand-signed edition ink-jet prints on archival paper.

Check out Louis’s art store live online and you can view his work here at Louis Minnaar.


600mm X 840mm Acrylic on Board Hand painted, original artwork.

230mm X 750mm Acrylic on Wood Hand painted, original artwork.

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