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Art Focus: Meet SA Artist Kim Black

With a splash of colour and a strong dose of creative flair, Cape Town based artist Kim Black brings beauty through art to interiors. Today we have the honour of hearing from Kim Black about her many inspirations and her creative expressions which continue to intrigue.

Kim Black trained as a graphic designer in the Eastern Cape but was fortunate enough to gain exposure in the world of fine art where she learned to draw and paint. Today her masterpieces adorn many magnificent interior spaces. Kim presently lives in Cape Town with her husband Brendan and children Adam, Isabella and Olivia

What does your art say to the world?

My constant source of inspiration is botanicals and beautiful interiors. Colour is of utmost importance in my work, be it bright and explosive or subtle and subdued. I adore the feelings and reactions that different colour combinations can evoke in a painting .

Who inspires you?

Matisse – for his freedom of expression and use of colour; Jodie King – a modern day artist for her wild abandonment in brushstrokes; and Bobbie Burgers – for always taking the form of botanicals to a new level .

How has your career in art developed over the years?

Two words : Tenacity and Perseverance  I think that being an artist is something I’ve just refused to let go of. There have been different seasons for me, moving to various countries for my husband’s career, and raising three children… but I’ve always painted through these these times even if a little. It kept my passion for art alive! I realized from very early on that creativity was the core of me and that I needed to create to feel whole.

How do you navigate the world of art?

As a full time artist, I keep active and engaging on social media as I feel this increases dialogue between the artist and collector and it allows my work to be more accessible and understood. I also have work in galleries and take part in exhibitions. Collaborations are key in the creative world – working with interior designers, hotels, magazines etc really make my job such an interactive pleasure as alternatively it can be quite a solitary profession .

What current trends are you following?

I like to follow many different creative industries as art plays a part in all of them. The trends I resonate with are where artists are becoming more transparent and inviting viewers into their world to become part of their art story. I believe it’s essential for me as an artist to remain authentic to my practice but to keep evolving and growing. In a world of mass production, I think now more than ever that ‘Art is a necessary visual voice’ that is being truly appreciated .

A memorable response to your work that you’d like to share?

During lockdown I painted “live “ for the first 21 days. A young woman contacted me from the UK asking to purchase one of my “live “ paintings on a certain date as it was her mother’s birthday then and they were watching me every day. That particular day I added special elements into the painting that she told me her mother loved and the date of course. Towards the end of my Instagram “live “ I held up the painting and wished the birthday girl! The mother was utterly in disbelief and had tears of joy! The joy of this piece brought a special story and memory in a gift that spanned the oceans for her.

Do you have a dream project you’d like to work on?

I’m always open to exciting collaborations with other creatives especially painting large scale work which is my absolute favourite.

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  1. Monica Ungerer

    September 16, 2020

    Great article on great artist. I absolutely love Kim Black’s style and playfulness regarding colour use in all of her work.


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