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Silk By Design: What Makes A Quality Silk Flower?

Silk and artificial flowers and trees have over the years become a commonplace feature in modern decorating and design, either complementing or even replacing live plants completely.

When done well, it is often hard to tell the difference between live plants and artificial at first glance, and it is only upon closer inspection that one can see the true state of affairs. These plants most often go unnoticed.

Conversely, when done poorly, artificial trees and flowers can be obtrusive and tacky, obviously standing out as not being real and completely undermining their intended purpose.

Just like with any product, both good and bad quality flowers and plants can be found in the market. Today consumers have a wide range to choose from. Many chain stores offer a range of artificial flowers which with, few exceptions, fit the bill of cheap and nasty. Consumers therefore need to look to niche or boutique suppliers for really high-quality silk plants.

What sets these apart?

The key elements that stand out when setting great quality silks apart from mediocre or poor ones are:


Flowers are known to bloom in an ever-increasing array of colours, however, these colours all have their base in nature. Even if not immediately obvious to the eye, if the colour of an artificial flower or arrangement does not fit within the natural palette, then it will not look real.


While it seems obvious that an artificial flower should have the shape of its live counterpart, the shape of a flower or plant has many elements, all of which need to be right to create the illusion of the real thing. This includes stems, leaves, petals and other smaller elements.


This is perhaps the hardest element to replicate but includes the way the flower or plant feels in your hand to the way it moves and reacts. Real Touch flowers have become popular of late. These flowers are made with a special waxy coating that mimics the feel of real flowers.

Silk by Design boasts a long history of selecting the most realistic and lifelike plants, trees, and flowers available. This attention to detail sets the company, and arrangements, apart. They source products from suppliers who have spent years perfecting every detail of the flowers they make and who are always striving to improve their designs.

So if you are looking for unmatched quality and flowers that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing… look no further than Silk by Design.


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