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SHF: A Rainbow Celebration This Black Friday

All that glitters isn’t gold, but it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining! And here it is, in black and white – this Friday 24th November is going to be a red letter day. So, make sure that your friends are all green with envy when they see what you picked up for 25% less at an SHF gallery on Friday! They’ll be red in the face for missing out on this golden opportunity! And you’ll walk away as the star of this rainbow celebration, tickled pink thanks to SHF’s on-trend homeware & designer furniture.

All too often, we get caught by the fine print with all the little terms and conditions and exclusions. Prices valid for 10 seconds only… the special expired last week… buy ten get the eleventh for 5% less.. discounts for first-time customers only… you know the drill. Well, here it is in REALLY BIG PRINT: GET 25% off ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! This Black Friday, 24th November only at SHF. Oh, and while stocks last…

Something amazing is coming your way so don’t fret the small stuff. Go on and kit out your home with some of our all-time favourite, classic furniture items marked down for one day only. It’s definitely worth taking a peek this Friday!

Remember, SHF is a household name constantly redefining style and excellence. SHF’s commitment to infusing energy, dynamic insight, industry brio and on-trend design is evident in every carefully selected piece. If style and quality are out there, SHF will find them and deliver them to you.

Define yourself with SHF this Black Friday with 25% off everything. Don’t forget to find out how you could win R25 000 worth of on-trend pieces for your living space and become the new face of SHF for a month through the #SHFdefineyourself campaign.

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