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Plascon House Tour: Life at Home with IKEA India

Living and working around the world has many benefits, one of which is the ability to create a place of solace with many different global influences. For the Creative Director of Life At Home, IKEA India, the idea of setting up a new abode in Bengaluru, India, far from her native Sweden, was an exciting journey for Mia Lundstrom. Step inside her Indian residence where a mix of hygge calm meets a world of travel inspirations.

Darker shades create a warm and inviting space for living and entertaining, and yet every room has been personalised with Mia’s own eclectic touches – some from her travels and many chosen as a result of her fine designer’s eye and rich Indian influences. A prized spot in her home is the open terrace that leads to a beautiful garden. Here, the owner welcomes the outdoors inside with a wonderful array of greenery incorporated into her living spaces. From a gorgeous green sofa to potted plants and hints of green shades throughout – an ode to nature and the beauty of the Indian landscape just outside of her walls. Deeply inspired by the rich textures and colours of India, there is an authentic vibrancy in each room. Mia marries her passion for design with many collectables. In her office space, inspirations fill the walls, from doodles and prints to notes, photographs and mementoes. This is a truly personalised area where she can dream up her next ventures. The bedroom too is a solace from the bustle of everyday life in a bright calming palette with greys and white and rich crimson hues. Texture is the real winner here, from lavish linens and soft drapes to a beautifully upholstered headboard, pristine grey wooden side cabinet and traditional embellished stool – all add to the rich culture and vibrancy of her home. Contact: Plascon Via

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