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New England Design: Coastal Inspiration & Decor

In interior design, the ocean provides constant inspiration to enhance a sense of calm, contrast and coastal living. Bring the beauty of the ocean indoors with inspired decor from New England Design.

Ceramics and more

Bring the soothing tones of the big blue seas into your space with curated ceramicware and decor. The Ceramic Tutor Rose Vases From New England Design is washed in a light blue finish. These captivating vases work beautifully as they are and they are a happy addition to any shelf.

The Ceramic Sea Shell Vases from New England Design have a textured weathered true blue finish. On their own, they seem to have a story to tell, but they also work nicely with a few bright leafy greens – eucalyptus leaves pair especially well, adding height and aroma.

Equally appealing in a coastal design, we just can’t help falling in love with the Marbella Ginger Jars from New England Design! These stunningly crafted jars bring visual appeal to any space. In a striking white gloss, these Marbella Ginger Jars, hand-crafted in porcelain, graced with intricate carvings provide the perfect height and texture to a table. Can be purchased individually or as a set of 3.

Coastal Decor

Choose decor that mimics the natural forms of sea life in your coastal design. The Coral Fan, by New England Design is fashioned in resin with a natural coral finish. It is the undersea equivalent of a floral centrepiece. Go ahead, bring the ocean vibe into your home.

The ocean is also about contrast; the ebbs and flows of life. Bring contrast and warmth to your space with candlelight. The Bodic Candle Holder from New England Design is crafted in resin in a white Spanish finish. They look beautiful placed as a cluster, in a row or individually.

A little seaside magic goes a long way. The Starfish Wishes bowl from New England Design brings the sea to the surface. They work well as fruit bowls or as decorative pieces holding resin balls or large shells.

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