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Linen Drawer: How to Choose The Right Table Linen

Humans are characterised by their fondness for eating together. Sharing favourite dishes, chatting, laughing, and having a good time around a table is a wonderful experience. If you have a table you can entertain. If you have a table, you need table linen. You might have some questions about tables and table linen. Linen Drawer is here to answer them… Be Inspired with Linen Drawer…..

  • How much space does each person take up at a table (or simply, how many can I seat at my table)?

The minimum space needed is 61 x 38cm and the maximum is 76 x 46cm. This is relevant when discussing how many people a table can seat and when buying any table linen.

  • How do I measure my table?

You need a retractable metal tape measure (builders’ tape measure), a notebook and pen.

Measure the width first, then the length, note down. Measure the height and note.

If the table is round, measure the diameter (across the middle).

An oval table is measured the same as a rectangular table

Table sizes are expressed as follows: width x length x height – e.g., 90 x 120 x 72cm

  • What size cloth must I have for my table?

First decide whether the cloth is to be floor length or to have a ‘drop’ on the side – which means it hangs over the edge of the table by a specific length.

If the cloth must be floor length, then you want to have it hang off the floor by about 2cm. This ensures that diners do not step on the cloth.  A floor length cloth will have rounded corners otherwise the points at the corners will drag on the floor.

If you merely want a ‘drop’ at the sides then the standard for a 72cm table is about 35 – 40cm on either side of the table.  The maximum ‘drop’ on a 72cm high table is 50cm which means the corners are just off the floor.

  • Calculations:

           Cloth to floor – width + height + height = A – 4cm and length + height + height = B – 4cm

           90 + 72 + 72 = 234cm – 4cm = 230cm(A) and 120 + 72 + 72 = 264cm – 4cm = 260cm(B)

 So, your cloth should measure 230 x 260cm for a 90 x 120cm x 72cm sized table

Cloth with ‘drop’ of 40cm – 90 + 40 + 40 = 170cm(A) and 120 + 40 + 40 = 200cm(B)

So, your cloth should measure 170 x 200cm for a 90 x 120 x 72cm

It is very important to understand these calculations, as they take the frustration out of shopping for beautiful table linen. 

Should you require any help with your table linen shopping, please contact with any questions and do visit the website to view beautiful table linen.

Happy entertaining!

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