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Décor Dec 19, 2023

Christmas Table Inspiration with Jedanna’s Dezines

Turn your Christmas table into a table that no one else has. Colours abound in any which way you choose. A red side table, a blue side table, or one that sparkles with gold. The sky is the limit…

Wrap your serviettes with a pretty matching ribbon, and you’re on your way to getting JEDANNA’S DEZINES plates before Christmas. The beauty of Jedanna’s Dezines is that they can incorporate any colour or colours you choose. It’s so pretty, and no two plates, even in the same colours, will look alike. Red lights shine on these bowls, giving them a Christmas hue. The blue and pink tinge shows how different they look.


This striking and heavy bowl was made as a centrepiece for the Christmas turkey table. It has the most vibrant colours, the best thing is, as you turn it, it gives you interference colours like an LED light show. And it’s a one-off – it can never be repeated, even using the same paints. You can own this for your table. It’s an exclusive JEDANNA’S DEZINES bowl. And even the artist looked at it in awe, not believing anything could be so super unique looking. Gorgeous is an excellent word for it. You can see how the light dances off of it.


Abstract Creations

Art certainly is in the eye of the beholder. The below is a beautiful minimalist abstract painting which is energetic and spiritual in a very different way.  We love the look of a painting that looks like you threw the paint on the board and then put a paintbrush through it. The background negative space is pearl white. And it relays the colours in an effervescent way. Never put a small painting on a big wall. Small paintings must be placed on a small wall.

As a tip… If you have a massive wall and want an abstract painting that draws your eyes to a focal point, go for something like a 2m x 2m canvas. It will be an investment in your decor. And the sheer size of it will amaze your visitors. We are almost into 2024, and it’s a new year with new ideas and original paintings. Go forward with stamina and energy, and give your home a substantial abstract piece of art. Or a smaller one for a small wall. This painting is called: “ IN A HEARTBEAT”.


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