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Bring Freshness to Your Interior with Hanging Plants

Hanging baskets filled with blooms, potted installations, terrariums and customised suspended planters – all of these great ideas can bring a sense of vibrancy and appeal to your home with a simple arrangement of hanging plants.

Hanging plants are an easy, low maintenance way to bring the outdoors inside. Here are a few great ways to get the look and create your own personalised indoor installation of hanging plants to suit your interior.

  1. Hang from the ceiling

Simply suspend a hanging basket or combination of hanging plants directly from your ceiling boards. Whether woven fabric or rattan basket planters, ensure that your plants are hung in an area with ample lighting. Hang your plants at eye level, or at different heights for added drama.

2. An Upside Down Installation

Make a statement and shock your guests with upside down hanging planters. Modern technology allows for these innovative planters to be hung upside down, keeping the soil and water in, while allowing your plants to thrive.

3. Vintage Hangers

You can even repurpose old items to make a vintage looking planter such as old tins, vintage bags or teacups. Plant your greens inside and suspend these in different spots around your home. The kitchen is an ideal spot for hanging herbs which you can use in innovative dishes while cooking.

4. Hanging Terrariums

Purchase glass globes or completed terrariums which you can fill with your favourite succulents and suspend from the ceiling in various areas around the home. Choose an open or closed glass container of some sort. Cover the bottom with an inch-thick layer of pebbles or rocks to create a false drainage system for the plant roots.  Add a layer of potting soil and insert your precious succulents inside for a burst of greenery in your home.

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