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Black Friday with l’Emile et Son

l’Emile et Son envisions a less cluttered lifestyle… an incubation, a dream and a wish that germinated organically in 2010. Today you can shop a wide variety of beautifully curated home decor and related goods now on promotion this Black Friday. We take a look at some of our top picks from these innovators!

Concept Design House l’Emile et Son’s is a concept design house which connects all the greatest aspects of inspiring design. This cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, and these are their trademarks. A celebration of the enquiring mind is the symbol and ethos of this business, and the products are an expression of this characteristic. Here we share some of our top Black Friday promotions from l’Emile et Son.       1. Black and blum /flow.   Inspired by the flow of liquid, this sculptural wine rack is finished in brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum of space.

2. Hot Pot BBQ What a great innovation! black+blum have put the sizzle into bbq design. Your bbq and herb-garden all in one.

3. Salad Plant These leafy salad servers stand upright in their own pot and will give life to any table setting. The pot can also be used for mixing (and serving) your salad dressing. They are also the ultimate salad decoration when stuck into the salad upright! They’ll liven up your salad, and make it the centre of attraction, for sure!

4. Lunch Bag Carry the box appetit lunch box in style. The bag also has room for a drink and a piece of fruit. Then pull the bag open to create a mini blanket to sit in a park or use it as a place mat on your desk (the bag is waterproof, so any spillages can easily be wiped clean).

5. James Doorman James is the perfect gentleman and will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it. He will bring a stylish welcome to any interior.

6. Sandwich on Board This is the perfect utilitarian design solution for preparing and carrying your sandwiches. No more squashed soggy sarnies! Use the naturally antibacterial, sustainable bamboo lid to create your sandwiches or assemble the ingredients for a delectable meal later in the day.

E3 Goods consumed in any given lifestyle should be chosen because their very essence is distinguished by design, and the act of purchasing can and should be presented in an inspired, knowledgeable and approachable manner. This concept is defined by l’Emile et Son as E3…. The product and design has to ENTHUSE.

The design and function of the product has to make us want to EXPLORE it, and then motivate us to EXPERIENCE it. This so much so, that the product is almost seen as an objet d’art. Something to treasure. l’Emile et Son’s focus is on eco-design – a worldwide trend which re-evaluates the way products are made, and the impact that the products have on the earth, with no compromise in quality and multifunctional, awesome design. Steve Jobs once said: “design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.”

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