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Ambience – Empower your Brand with Edikio by Evolis

With two carefully designed products, Evolis extends a new level of autonomy to the hospitality industry, empowering establishments with tools to create a stellar guest experience.

In any establishment, hospitality teams work to make the client king. And what is more important to guests than transparency? 

 Gone are the days of ‘the secret ingredient’ and non-inclusive menus. Today we are all about inclusivity and readily available information on any product/service. Information that is at the guests’ fingertips. This way of operating is what levels the average establishment into something exceptional.

Michelin-star restaurants have long been masters of this phenomenon.  

But what does it take to be mindful of guest concerns, to intercept their needs before they’ve even voiced them, or to cater to the specific questions of someone with strict dietary requirements?


The word is synonymous with the hospitality industry. What does it really represent, and what does it take to make your dining/hosting experience something unforgettable?

The people at Evolis have a very distinct sense of what it means to provide seamless service. Their only goal is to create a user-friendly solution for the hospitality industry at large, an innovative way to communicate with guests.

Evolis Products

With their two carefully designed products, Evolis is on a mission to empower. They are subsequently extending a new level of autonomy to the hospitality industry. Now you can be empowered with the right tools to create a stellar guest experience.

Necessary for a revered reputation, is branding. Branding communicates the essence and values of any establishment, and without it, it becomes difficult for guests to discern whether an experience is expected to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Communicating with clients in the language of one’s brand is important for a cohesive brand experience.

Evolis offers products that print important brand information, such as food tags, buffet labels, signage, and information discs, customised to your particular brand. Premium quality plastic labelling solutions for restaurants and hotels. What’s more, is that this can be done on-site – a quick and wholly effective way to present information to your guests.

Change in the menu? Allergens to be listed? A notice for guests or branding to be applied to a product? Invest in the Edikio Printers by Evolis – a multi-dimensional solution for any host.

Product Breakdown

We present to you two state-of-the-art products that serve to manage all of the above, in one simple act.

With the Edikio Price Tag Access Printer, you can create beautiful monochrome tags at the tap of a button. Ideal for small retailers, such as Bakers, Butchers, Pastry chefs, Chocolate sellers, Cheesemongers, Fishmongers, Caterers, and Wine merchants. Apply custom branding and revel in the simplicity of this innovation.

Similarly, with the Edikio Price Tag Flex Printer, various formats are printable on plastic. Master the software and tailor your tags in full colour. With the professional finish, quality, and style of our plastic card labelling solution, whether retailer or hotelier, youll receive a free label template. Imagine the possibilities.

Along with these two products come a long list of benefits. We’ve detailed a few below:

Brand Identity

The ability to create visually appealing, professional display labels that match your establishment’s brand image.

Time-Saving and Power in Information

Save your time. With these printers you can provide all the information that your clients may need, and help them to make fast, informed choices; product names in their languages, ingredients, allergens, etc.

You can enjoy total independence by creating your display labels in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your desk.

Increased Hygiene

All printed tags are hygienic, sturdy, and easy to keep clean, these PVC cards are particularly well-suited to establishments that serve food.

What is included in the Package?

Edikio saves you time and money with two packs for efficiently designing and printing your display labels and every other kind of plastic card you might need, all from the comfort of your office.

The Edikio Price Tag Access Printer and Edikio Price Tag Flex Printer pack each include:

  • A label printer for creating single-sided labels
  • Design software
  • A printer ribbon and credit card-sized or long-format PVC cards

Make an impact on your guests. Level up your service delivery and save money and time with the Edikio Evolis printers. Choose the variant that’s right for your business.

Browse the Ambience Hospitality website for more detailed information as well as pricing.





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