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5 Tips For Using Star Map Posters At Home

The day you met your partner in life, your child was born, or the day you graduated from the university are momentous dates you would want to remember and immortalize. Sure, there are photographs to remind you of the occasion, but nothing beats the magic of knowing what the skies looked like during those rare moments.   

High Detail Vintage Blue Illustration of Boreal Hemisphere Sky Astronomy Constellations

The stars symbolize and represent many things. Even in ancient times, astronomers studied the night sky to reveal much vital information relevant to the study of the beginning of life and what will be its eventuality.  

Today because of technology, creating star charts or star maps can be done quickly, and in a matter of hours, you can have your star map.

What Is A Star Map?

A star map, also called a star chart, is the map of the night sky of a particular place at a designated time. In recent years, it has been popular to commemorate different special occasions of someone’s life. And worldwide, it became famous as a unique gift to give to your special someone.  

The star maps can be printed on quality canvas or even specialty paper, whichever you prefer. If you plan on decorating your home with an image of the night sky on a beautiful day, here are tips to help you out:

  • A Focal Point In Your Living Room

Maybe you want to remember the day you broke ground in the new home you worked so hard to save for and build. It would be ideal to have the star map of that evening sky as a focal point on your white living room wall. Imagine an oversized image of the enchanting night sky of that historic day. Every time you have guests, it can become a conversation piece to prevent lull moments, especially if you have new friends or acquaintances. Stories of your hard work and resilience will be known to your friends. Pride and an overwhelming sense of achievement will always be remembered.  

  • To Decorate Your Child’s Room

Having a child may be one of the most important things that could happen in your life. It is an answered prayer and a joyful moment worth remembering every day.  

You may have a star map of the day they were born to remember the happiest moment you first looked in their pretty eyes. This star map poster can be framed and hung on the wall of their room so they can see how much the day they were born meant to them when they grow up.

  • To Light Up The Ceiling Of Your Room

To see the night sky of the day you got blissfully wedded every single night will always remind you of your marriage vows and the promise that you will stay in love until the day you breathe your last breath. It would be a wonderful memory, especially when you may not feel like you’re embracing the idea because of arguments and silly fights over simple things.  

A star map is a unique and non-traditional wedding souvenir you could have in your room. It signifies many things, but you could make your interpretation of the stars the way you and your spouse understand them, so it’s more special.

  • To Grace Your Bachelor Pad

Graduating from the university means a lot; it’s an incredible feat anyone will be proud to achieve. So, while you accomplish your daily grind and prove yourself to the world, may you be reminded of the day you finished your education with flying colors. 

You may have a star map of that day, frame it, and place it atop a desk in your foyer, so every time you leave your pad, you will be reminded of your mission and your promise of self-growth. You may also place it on your work desk, so if you work at home, you will be inspired to work harder to achieve the dreams you have set out for yourself.  

  • Artfully Adorn Your Kitchen Wall

Who says you cannot immortalize the day you first prepared a complete meal for your family? Or the day you finally set yourself free from your nine to five and embark on a business of your own? These momentous days can be charted on the constellation and displayed on your kitchen walls, where the family frequently gathers together to share beautiful moments and conversations over a delicious meal you so lovingly prepare.


Star maps are unique gift ideas to give to anyone who means a lot to you. It could also be a gift you could give yourself for inspiration and remembrance of the past that will never be repeated. Whatever happened in the past is already done. Nobody can go back to change it; you can only immortalize it.


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