Uzuria: Scents of Africa

Scents can work to completely change the atmosphere of a home. Scents are as much a part of the interior design process as it is a part of Africa and its people. From the delicate aromas we use the in bedroom to the intimate fragrances that are found in the bedroom or bathroom, scents are a pleasurable experience when it comes to daily living.

Uzuria “Scents of Africa” was founded in early 2015 by a young creative African desiring to bring an African touch to the growing home fragrance market. Inspired by the amazing cultural varieties in Africa, he set out to create his own unique and amazing home fragrance products with the aim to communicate the scents and the beauties that Africa has to offer. Uzuria is a composition of the Swahili word “uzuri” meaning “beauty”, and the letter, “A”, for Africa. As such it speaks of the intrinsic beauty of Africa.

Uzuria “Scents of Africa” design and locally manufacturer handmade scented soy candles in a unique African style with more than 70% of raw materials coming directly from South Africa. Handcrafted in South Africa by using the finest fragrances and natural ingredients of soy, UZURIA scented soy Candles are mindfully designed and perfectly poured to create a high-quality, natural product. The vision of its founder is to establish Uzuria “Scents of Africa” as a highly trusted African brand locally and internationally.

Due to the Christian beliefs and values of it founder, Uzuria “Scents of Africa” further aims to give back and help the local community as best as it can. By purchasing their products, you will be contributing to the care of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies at the Muphamuzi Baby Home in Pretoria, South Africa. Open in February 2012, the Muphamuzi Baby Home exists as a bridge between abandoned and cherished, where safety is found and a family is given.

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