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The Tretchikoff Range From Annabelle Decor

The Tretchikoff Brand was established in 2010 by Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Granddaughter, Natasha Swift and business partner, Ari Lazarus. The pair have combined their marketing and retail experience, as well as their passion for all things colourful and creative, to fashion a line of merchandise inspired by the exotic iconic images of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s oeuvre as well as the Artist’s Spirit best summed up in his quote (which also happens to be the brand’s strap-line), “Express your passion. Do what you love. No matter what.”

Now available locally from Annabelle Decor in South Africa, the Tretchikoff Range comprises a collection of interior decor accessories such as lampshades, scatters and more that share the passion, prints, and colours that are intrinsic of the Tretchikoff brand.

Tretchikoff Brand offers something unique, something remarkable and something of quality, but always at good value. After all, it was Tretchikoff who took art off its pedestal and made it accessible to the everyday man and woman when he made and sold reproductions of his originals. He was criticized by the art elite of the day who said he was devaluing and commercializing art. To which he replied, ‘why should my art only be enjoyed by the rich and famous, I want everybody to enjoy my art.’ And so too, the brand wants everybody to enjoy their merchandise.

You will notice somewhere on every single Tretchikoff product, along with the Tretchikoff signature is a stamp with a pink ‘lucky’ pigeon in the middle of it. There is a story behind the ‘lucky’ pigeon that can be read on every swing ticket, but for now it is suffice to say that this is the stamp of an official Vladimir Tretchikoff product. Where you see this stamp, you can be assured that the team who brought you this product, loved doing it and they hope that you love using it.

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