Spotlight: Say Hello To Charles Boyes

As a globally renowned South African brand, Carrol Boyes has certainly become a household name. Over the years, the brand has brought us beautifully functional art pieces for the home with inspiring designs and homeware. Today we have the honour of speaking to the CEO, Charles Boyes, about the creative inspiration behind his personal style and the Carrol Boyes brand. 

Charles Boyes
Charles Boyes

How would you describe your personal style?

Modern, practical, clean, crisp lines with a hint of playfulness.

What qualities define your style and colours?

Sophisticated, sleek, quality and simplicity

What is your personal favourite colour combination?

White and black as well as black and silver.


Indigo girls Dinnerware
Indigo girls Dinnerware

What is the most recent purchase you’ve made for your home?

Fourteen white polymer plastic studio design chairs with powder-coated aluminium legs. I bought them to go around the table in the dining area of our internal courtyard. Their simplistic design updated the space immediately. What has been one of the most challenging projects you have worked on?

The range review on 30 years of extraordinary Carrol Boyes homeware products.

Vase Enigma and Mug Enigma
Vase Enigma and Mug Enigma

How would you describe the design industry in South Africa at present?

South African design is taking its place on the international stage. Despite design being in its infancy, over the last two and a half decades the Design Indaba has elevated design into a platform for change and action – across the entire creative industry with local talent taking on international artists in a competitive way.

DRINKS TROLLEY WITH GLASS - man  “no alcohol served to persons under 18”.
DRINKS TROLLEY WITH GLASS – man  “no alcohol served to persons under 18”.

What trends do you think we should keep an eye on in upcoming seasons?

Design trends influencing South Africa in 2020:
– Raw wood is making a huge come back, with concrete and weathered steel offering a delightful contrast in spaces in the home. Signs from Europe are that this trend is getting even bigger.
– The pendulum is swinging from greys to bold colour, both in furniture and interior design. Rich colours are being used to brighten spaces – ruby reds and blues
– Handmade and custom-designed furniture – designers are experimenting with wood and steel to create the perfect bespoke piece in your home.
– Eco-friendly products and green-designed spaces, using plants combined with natural light.
– Authenticity and relevance remains key, especially in Africa. Our experienced design team adapts concepts to ensure an authentic and sustainable connection with customers, whether local or on a global scale.

Merlot 2016 “no alcohol served to persons under 18” and Sketchbook cutlery
Merlot 2016 “no alcohol served to persons under 18” and Sketchbook cutlery

What one design element, trend or furniture item can you not live without? 

The L-shaped couch in our TV room. It is extremely comfortable and its extra length makes it possible for me to lie down completely while watching TV!

What design influence has had the greatest influence on your work and business?

My sister Carrol Boyes, Alessi and Georg Jensen.

What exciting products do you have planned within the next year?

Amongst our core home ware and gifting categories, look out for newness in the forms of small appliances, cookware and curated furniture.

Ceramic broad vase wound up ,  Wine decanter  and Red Wine Set of 4  Baobab- “no alcohol served to persons under 18”.
Ceramic broad vase wound upWine decanter  and Red Wine Set of 4  Baobab– “no alcohol served to persons under 18”.

For more visit Carrol Boyes.


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