Spotlight: Alain Delvoye at D-Core Design

Belgium born Alain Delvoye is a creative and commercial photographer specialising in digital art and urban photography with a style that can be described as a mix of colourful and energetic imagery.

East End London

Delvoye has his roots in art. Eight years of art school gave way to him discovering a hidden passion, that of photography. As a self-taught artist, Delvoye has touched on concepts of urban culture, hence his work being often described at “urban art”. His exploration of extremes, showcased often in highly emotive works subtly reveals an energetic acknowledgement of society, culture and ‘pop’.

He juxtaposes silence with racing imagery, cleverly balanced mixed media and subtle social commentary. While Delvoye has reflective works that talk to stand-alone subjects, we love his busier pieces. Swashes of colour, form and fit have made Delvoye’s artwork a great way to introduce bold colour, soft lines and stark projections of human life that are perfectly suited to contemporary spaces.


D-Core Designs bring you limited edition, imported art pieces in a variety of sizes. In addition, you can choose to have your artwork on wood, copper, aluminium, Plexiglas, mixed media or canvas materials, giving you the option of bringing much-needed texture to your space. All of D-Core Design’s artwork is copyright protected and they have the sole rights to sell these pieces in South Africa.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion for your walls, D-Core Design have an amazingly decadent ranges to choose from. Their flagship showroom in Cape Town and Kramerville in Johannesburg are eclectically curated spaces where you can see each artist’s flair for design. This is the best way to find and connect with your favourite piece.

God Save the Art Vintage

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