SHF: Stylish Storage Solutions For Every Room

Keep the clutter at bay with stylish storage for every room. Choose from a range of striking chests of drawers, sideboards, storage units and more to suit your mood. SHF keeps it modern and inviting this season with storage in a variety of styles and finishes.

To make a home function well, we need to invest in quality storage solutions to help us organise and keep things in place. In the bedroom, a vanity, chest of drawers or full-length closet may be ideal. This will not only house your precious clothing and more, but will also add to the overall aesthetic of your room.

Top tips for choosing storage for the bedroom:

  • Go for something to complement your overall design scheme if you’re looking to create a harmonious flow in the bedroom.
  • Go bold if you want a striking piece of furniture to add contrast and colour to your space.
  • Wood is always a timeless and elegant option. Opt for rich wooden tones in your storage to bring added warmth to the bedroom.

In your living spaces, whether the dining room, lounge or entertainment area, added storage may help to anchor the room and bring a sophisticated edge to your space.

Storage tips for your living spaces:

  • Invest in a solid side server or console in the dining room – a place where you can safely store your prized crockery, table linens and more.
  • A display cabinet is not a thing of the past. Beautiful contemporary options are ideal for any living space and will also add a little flair by highlighting your favourite things.
  • Multi-functional furniture is perfect for modern homes, especially when space is limited. Opt for a stylish server or storage unit that can double as a bookshelf or even a television console. Make the most of your space and carefully consider the size and location of pieces before you purchase them.

Find the perfect storage solution for every room at SHF.


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