La Grange Interiors: The Grandeur of Glassware

Glass has an amazing history dating back almost 5000 years when ancient civilisations first created interesting glass articles from small molds. Today, glass finds its place in every residence, from the kitchen to the living room. Modern homes boast striking glassware that brings purity, elegance and refinement to interior design.

La Grange Interiors boasts a wide range of interesting and bespoke glassware suited to the modern lifestyle. As part of their offerings, they also present a the Dutz Collection – with beautiful mouth blown glass that has become the passion of this international brand. With Dutz, each vase, bowl, pot, candle holder, candle glass, drinking glass or carafe is the result of dedicated craftsmanship of the glassmakers from Eastern European factories. Each item is mouth blown and hand-formed.

Although a staple in every well-designed space, it is imperative to incorporate well thought out pieces which embody taste. Glass adds a wonderful contrasting texture when layered with other materials such as rustic wood and upholstery. La Grange Interiors bring in new styles and colours on a regular basis. Available through their Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

Have a look at some of the exclusive glassware now available from La Grange Interiors:

La Grange Interiors truly is a curated furniture and décor destination. They offer an exclusive range of luxurious soft furnishings, timeworn antiques, and accessories sourced from all around the globe or custom designed by owner, Sumari Krige herself. Beyond the retail aspect, the La Grange Interiors brand extends to an interior design and concept service taking on projects both locally and internationally.

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