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Kare Design: How To Add 10 Finishing Touches To Bring Style Home

Turning your house into a home can be fun and a little stressful. In the end however, it is all about the little details and finishing touches that will make your space feel like your own. Here we share ten simple ways to add stylish finishing touches to create a home you will love, with help from Kare Design.


  1. Art

Art is a worthy investment in any home. Not only will it bring colour and energy into any space, but the right choice of artwork can complete a room and tie your entire design scheme together.

2. Group Decor

If you have a corner in need of some serious style, why not add a few side tables and decorate with your favourite decor items. Add a few plants, pots, vases and more to bring colour and style to this space. As a rule of thumb when grouping items, remember that odd numbers often look better, so choose three or five jars for a stylish finish.

3. Vintage Flair

Invest in vintage or antique pieces for a classic, or timeless interior. Just one striking item can help you achieve old-world charm in your home, so shop around and find the perfect piece.

4. Accessorise with Colour

Colour does not have to remain limited to soft furnishings, although bold scatters, drapes and more will certainly enhance your space. However, a statement table or cabinet in a bright colour can revitalise your living room, so use colour wisely.


5. Lean On Me

Your decor and art does not have to go on the walls. Leaning mirrors and canvases are often stylish additions to a modern interior. So, put the nails and hammer away and instead of mounting your favourite prints, invest in oversized items that you can lean on the wall or on a shelf for added style and that classic finishing touch.

6. Plants are life

Bring greenery into your home with a fresh bloom or planter in your favourite space. Greenery brings freshness and colour and we love the natural element of bringing the outside in.

7. Bookshelf styling

Bookshelves are not only there for books! Choose an area of your shelf and decorate with some interesting accessories and items to bring soul to your space.

8. Style your coffee table

Shop some interesting pieces you can use to style a plain coffee table. Add a mix of materials – think stone, wood, ceramics, glass and more for an added textural quality in your space.

9. Fun storage is key

Bring a playful element to your choice of storage with wire baskets, woven storage, tins and more in your favourite spaces.

10. Mirrors for effect

Mirrors are a great addition to any space. Choose a stylish mirror above a mantel or in your entryway and add that finishing touch to every room.

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