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Numatic: Less Is More

2020 has taught us to appreciate the important things in life. To be more productive in 2021 and beyond, we need to learn to embrace the concept that less is more. May this next year be a period where we celebrate moments and people, and not things. Here we share a few easy ways to declutter your home (and life) and live a happier life with less.

Purge your home of excess

Declutter your house, room by room. If things are not being used, and do not make you happy, get rid of it. Toss the junk – literally and figuratively – for a more peaceful environment in which to enjoy your life.

Give your things a home

Don’t let objects and products fill up your shelves and counter space. Once a thing is used, pack it away. Without things to distract you, your home will feel lighter, and in more in order too.

Complete tasks

Keep a checklist of all the things you want to accomplish around the house. Tick things off as you go. You’ll feel more productive and in control of your environment and life.

Do I really need it?

When it comes to the latest kitchen gadget or nifty product, ask yourself if you really need it. Many times, unused gadgets and appliances fill up our cupboards unnecessarily. Say no to that latest promotion tempting you to buy yet another item to stash away in your house. Less things mean more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Make better choices and organise your life

Organisation is an ongoing task. Just when you clean out one room, it may feel like the next space is ready and waiting and the cycle continues. Keep a cleaning roster and do small things every day to minimise the workload. You’ll feel more confident knowing that small things are being ticked off your to-do list and that the work is not piling up in the background.

Restock your cleaning cupboard

Invest in cleaning tools that are both practical and make life easier at home. Essentials include a good indoor and outdoor broom set, microfibre cloths, kitchen scourers and cloths, a mop and a quality vacuum cleaner. These basics are a great way to start and to keep your home in a pristine condition.

For more info and the latest cleaning tools including vacuum cleaners and mopping systems, visit Numatic.

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