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Numatic: Henry Hoover is Britain’s Most Beloved Vacuum Cleaner

Henry comes with a bright smile and a lot of power. He’s been around for quite some time (since the 80’s) and is arguably one of the most recognised and beloved vacuum cleaners on the market. In Britain, Henry is an icon – a helper in times of need. If you’re looking to keep your home in order (and free of germs and dust) then the mighty Henry is your bestie to make sure it happens!

There’s clearly something about that smiling face that seems to work. At the minimum, it puts a friendly face (and some cheer) to chores! But Henry has also evolved over the years. The latest iteration of Henry – the HVR200-11 – is quite heavy. It’s is a full-on bagged cylinder vacuum that weighs in at a hefty 8kg. It’s cumbersome, won’t store neatly on a wall bracket and will take up a sizeable chunk of space in your cupboard. Henry is a big guy.

But with the weight (and size) comes ruggedness. Henry is built to last. This isn’t some cheap, disposable vacuum. It’s easy to maintain and repair, and will likely still be kicking about long after your kids move out.

Is Henry Right For You?

Vacuum cleaner tech has certainly progressed massively since Henry’s inception and the cordless vacuum cleaner has risen in popularity. However, there are also a wide variety of vacuums in the Henry range. James has a slightly higher capacity at eight litres as opposed to six, so is perfect for larger homes. The Henry Xtra comes with more accessories, and Henry Micro is allergy protected.

Harry is also for pet owners, and George is a steam cleaner-come-vacuum hybrid. Lastly, there’s Charles, who can clean up liquid spills and has a more powerful 1,060-watt twin motor for stubborn dirt.

Now available on Takealot!

Good news, you can now find Britain’s most beloved vacuum available on Takealot! Simply choose your favourite and have it delivered to your home.

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