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Numatic: 7 Ways To Clean Under Your Bed Right Away

Your bedroom is a safe haven from the outside world, but there is one place where enemy germs may be lurking and it’s closer than you think… under your bed! You may take it for granted, but cleaning under your bed is essential to maintain a clean, germ-free room. After you read these tips, you’ll want to whip out the vacuum and clean under the bed right away!


You may be tempted to store unnecessary and unsightly goods under your bed. But the real problem comes in when these items attract dust and make the space even harder to clean. Start by decluttering the bedroom and remove anything from under the bed that is not supposed to be there.

Alternative Storage

If storing items under your bed, invest in storage bags that can be vacuum sealed for easy care and maintenance. Under-bed trays and boxes are also great storage solutions, which can simple be pulled out to dust and clean.

Extend your reach

Getting into those hidden corners under the bed may be tricky, but we recommend extending your reach with a duster, broom or vacuum with a long handle. This will give you more leeway to move into dusty corners and clean out the entire area in one simple method.

Use the right tools

Your vacuum comes with a range of accessories that may never even leave the box. Take a look at all the tools and accessories and choose ones to accommodate the space limits of your bed.  Remember, most vacuum cleaners cannot fit under a low-lying bed – and this is where the accessories come in! You can use an extension wand to get to those hard to reach places or a mattress attachment to clean the bottom, top and sides of your mattress too.

Move that bed

If all else fails and it has been a while since you cleaned under the bed, call in the troops and get moving. If you’re planning a deep clean of your bedroom, it would also be best to pick up and move your bed completely. This will give you the perfect opportunity to clean, vacuum and even mop up under your bed. You may even be inspired to redesign the layout of your room!

Let your floors dictate the cleaning

If you have wood or laminate floors, be sure to use a wet rag or mop to get into those spaces that are hard to reach under your bed. You don’t want to scratch your wooden floors by dragging your bed, so use those extendable options we mentioned earlier and clean up the mess. For carpets, a simple vacuum needs to happen at least once a month under the bed. You could also professionally clean your carpets with a wash and dry annually.

Start with the right appliances

Cleaning is always simpler with the right appliances at your fingertips. A high-power vacuum cleaner is a must in any home. This is a great way to quickly suck up germ-producing dust and keep your home in pristine condition. Numatic offers a range of superior vacuum cleaners to make life that much easier.

Contact Numatic to find out more about their versatile cleaning solutions.

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