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Numatic: 4 Home Hacks For Spring Organisation

It’s time to get your home organised, clean and ready for a whole new season. Here we share four easy hacks to help you get your home in tip top condition, with thanks to our friends from Numatic.

1. Get creative with your cleaning closet

Whether you have a dedicated cupboard for cleaning materials or a section under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or in an unused room, you can keep this space organised with a few clever hacks. This will certainly help you to access to your cleaning materials with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Invest in a cleaning supply organiser to store your essentials.
  • Add hooks to the inside of cupboards or on an open wall and hang up brooms, mops, dusters and more for easy reach.
  • Keep specific items together in an easy to carry container or basket. That way you can simple move the entire basket of bathroom cleaning supplies at one time as needed.

2. Upgrade your garage for optimal organization

The garage often provides added space to your living quarters that can be used to store goods and remove clutter from your home. If carefully planned, you can make the most of this space and store your goods with ease.

  • Mount racks to your garage walls to store tools, sports equipment and more.
  • Add hooks to the walls to hang up garden accessories, bicycles and other items for easy storage in this space.
  • Be clever with your garage shelving. Invest in custom shelving in underutilised areas such as towards the ceiling of your garage. Here you can store seasonal items or those used less frequently.

3. Clean out the bathroom

Keep your bathroom clear of clutter. If you’re using one family bathroom, be sure that you keep it neat and tidy to the benefit of the entire family. Everything that does not need to be in the bathroom, should be moved out.

  • Items such as hairdryers, curling irons and more need not be stored in the bathroom. Add these to a special drawer in your bedroom or closet to maximise space.
  • Invest in behind the door hooks for towels and more.
  • Use a bathroom cabinet to hide essentials such as toiletries, cleaning products and more.

4. Organise the pantry

If you have a dedicated cupboard or pantry area for food and staples in the kitchen, be sure to schedule time every month to check your inventory and organise your space.

  • Invest in labels that can be seen easily to identify products and expiry dates.
  • Store items in sealable containers that will not only look uniform and organised, but will also help you to keep things fresher for longer.
  • Add lighting to a pantry area so that you can see everything with ease. Dark pantries may become closed off and home to dust, grime and hidden items that could hang around far past their sell-by-date!

Cleaning need not be a burden. When you take some time to organise your home and schedule your cleaning, you may be surprised with the results. Invest in quality cleaning materials and appliances. Numatic manufactures superior vacuum cleaners to help you achieve a cleaner, more hygenic home for you and your family.

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