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Fighting Covid-19: Easy Cleaning Tips For Beginners

With Covid-19 fears mounting, it is time to take a stronger approach to cleaning. You may not be able to control what you touch outside of the home and in public spaces, but you can take action in your own home. Here we share easy cleaning tips for beginners.

Covid-19 spreads mostly from person-to-person contact but can also sit on surfaces and get onto our hands. It is therefore important to keep all surfaces clean and sanitized to avoid the spread of Covid-19, and any other lingering germs and bacteria.

  1. Clean commonly touched surfaces

Countertops, door handles, light switches, bathroom sanitaryware such as taps. All of these should be cleaned frequently. Don’t panic and go out to buy extravagant cleaning agents. Regular cleaning agents and water work well to kill germs. Remember to wipe down all frequently touched surfaces and gadgets too – don’t overlook the TV remote!

2. Do not reuse dirty cleaning materials

Dirty cloths and mops are not ideal for deep cleaning. Be sure to clean your mops and cloths before reuse to avoid simply spreading around germs. Ring out your cloths and mops after each use. Use hot water to soak your mop and disinfect with a good cleaning agent.

3. Don’t forget your phone

Your phone travels around to different places with you. It’s also one of the most frequently touched items in our possessions today. Germs can linger on your phone and laptop and can spread harmful bacteria to your hands. Touching your face – eyes or mouth – can then cause a further spread of illness. We suggest using alcohol wipes or a slightly-damp lint free cloth to wipe down your phone. Avoid harsh cleaning agents and do not submerge your phone in cleaning products. Also, keep washing your hands to limit the spread of germs.

4. Help for the bathroom

Take a few extra precautions in the bathroom. Wash hand towels regularly to kill germs. Ensure that your taps and basins are sanitized regularly. To further protect the members of your home, you may want to store each individual toothbrush separately as to not spread germs from one to another.

Stay safe and germ-free.


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