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Solent Ceiling Fans: Extraordinary Details – Blades & More

Solent Ceiling Fans are a cut above the rest. As a high-quality alternative to mass retailers, Solent fans are overwhelmingly appealing to the bespoke customer. Here we share a few more details about what sets Solent apart and how you can customise your fan to create your own unique masterpiece…

All in the details…

Blade Finishes

Solent blades come in 3 impressive finishes – Aluminium, Wood & Acrylic.

  • Aluminium blades are corrosion resistant and aerodynamically shaped.
  • Wood A2, Palm Leaf, Palm Leaf Oval & Tear Drop blades are made from Marine Plywood and the Bent blades are made from solid Birch Tree wood. These woods are weather resistant and will prevent swelling, sagging and distortion.
  • Acrylic blades are manufactured from highly durable extruded Acrylic.

Blade Sweep, The Long & Short Of It!

Blade sweep is the overall diameter from blade tip to blade tip eg: 1200mm fan blades does not mean that each blade is 1200mm long. It means that the fan blades from one end to the other covers an area of 1200mm.

Solent have blades for every room size, they start from 900mm and go all the way up to 2.1 meters. The size of your room will determine the size of blades required.

  • Standard rooms you would generally use a 1200mm blade, whereas a large hotel foyer for example, could accommodate a 2 meter blade fan.
  • Always make sure that blades are clear of open cupboard doors and not within reach of bunk beds.
  • Blades should not cross over the room lighting as this may cause a flickering effect.

Blade Selection, More Than Just Room Size!

Understanding how ceiling fans aid in cooling and selecting the right sized blades is just as important as positioning! Strategically placed ceiling fans is all you would need to feel cool all year round.

  • Ceiling fans do not cool the room, they cool people! Fans effectively move the air around, creating a wind chill effect which accelerates the evaporation of perspiration on your skin, making you feel cooler.
  • For optimum cooling, position fans above busy congregational areas.
  • For larger rooms, installing two ceiling fans instead of one will ensure better cooling over a wider area.

Less Is More

More blades do not necessarily mean more air delivery but a 4 blade fan can be more aesthetically pleasing than a 3 blade fan.

For more visit Solent.

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