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Solent: 3 Office Fan Tips For Maximum Productivity

With lockdown easing up, offices will be slowing resuming back to normal but that will mean you contending with the dreaded office air conditioner in the middle of winter. Adding a ceiling or pedestal fan to your office décor will ensure that you keep the cold at bay, keep the air circulating and stay healthy.  

Fans are a necessity to circulate air and make a room more breathable. In an office, a good flow of oxygen is vital for achieving maximum productivity, so here, the team from Solent are sharing 3 office ceiling fan tips to ensure your working space is comfortable and maximum productivity is always achieved.

3 Tips for Office Ceiling Fans

Office Ceiling Fan Tip #1: Remember to Change the Direction

If you want maximum productivity in the office, you need to remember to change the direction of the ceiling fan with the change of seasons. It can be hard to be productive in an office that is too hot or too cold. Changing the direction to counter-clockwise pushes cold air down and cools the room, whilst having the fan spinning clockwise pulls the air up towards the ceiling. This allows for air to be circulated around the office without making it too cold. Speak to a qualified technical team to find out how you can enable your fan to spin in the opposite direction in winter.

Office Ceiling Fan Tip #2: Clean the Fan Regularly

Many people are allergic to dust and react with a runny nose, coughing or sneezing. This can make the work environment rather uncomfortable, which is why the fan needs to be cleaned regularly. You can do this by simply placing a pillowcase over the blades and wiping off the dust. It is quick and doesn’t make a mess. Keep your office dust-free to ensure everyone feels energized and ready to tackle their work.

Office Ceiling Fan Tip #3: The Right Fan for Your Needs

Before purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to evaluate your office to determine the type of fan that you will need. If your office is a big space, we recommend getting a ceiling fan with large blades or more than one fan to generate sufficient air flow. Always place your fan in the centre of the room and ensure that you leave at least 30cm between the closest wall and the blades. The type of fan you select will determine how much air flow you get in the room.

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