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Jan 14, 2020

The Hall Collection: Sleep Well in 2020

Most of us enthusiastically make a list of resolutions at the start of a new year. Each one healthier than the year before; spending more quality time with your loved ones; achieving fitness goals; career milestones and the list goes on. How much more productive will we be if we put sleep on our resolutions’ list this year? 

Achieve your sleep goals with our easy tips to help you toward improved health and better sleep…

  1. Upgrade your bedroom.

Ensure that your bedroom is a haven for rest. If there are any distractions in the bedroom, remove them. No electronics should be allowed in the bedroom if you want to optimize your sleep in 2020.

2. Invest in a good mattress

Your body needs support during the day and at night. A new mattress needs to offer comfort and support to promote better sleep at night. The quality of your bed may determine the quality of your sleep.

3. Say goodbye to toxins

Most mattresses today are manufactured with toxic chemicals. The Hall Collection’s Swiss beds are made with natural materials that are certified by the European Eco-Label.

4. Embrace a natural way of life

Snuggle up in natural bedding to promote sleep. Natural fibres help regulate your body heat – a key component of a good night’s rest.

Find a collection of the finest imported linens and bespoke chosen just for you at the Hall Collection that is both authentic and superior in quality.

For more visit The Hall Collection.

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