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Bedrooms Oct 2, 2021

The Bedroom Shop Unveils A New Range of Home Fragrances

The Bedroom Shop presents exciting new additions to the Home Fragrances range.

Smell often triggers memory and can bring up beautiful emotions. The same is true in our homes where certain fragrances can set the mood and influence how we feel in certain spaces.

Recognizing this innate connection between the power of aromatics and the mind, The Bedroom Shop welcomes Spring with a new range to set the scene at home. The Fired Earth Fragrances and garden room mists now on offer in-store and online offer a beautiful mix of aromatics, inspired by nature. Subsequently, you can choose from various tea-based fragrances mixed with interesting aromatics, florals and herbs, such as bergamot, jasmine, pomegranate and more.

Fired Earth:

The Fired Earth range includes ceramic diffusers, multi-wick candles and room mists.

This range includes Fired Earth Ceramic Diffusers. These reed diffusers from UK company Wax Lyrical, include a tile-inspired ceramic base, a set of black fibre reeds, and 200ml of tea-based fragrance.

Futhermore, the Fired Earth Multi-Wick Candle offers luxurious tea-based fragrances that ooze from these stylish ceramic fragranced candles. Recycle the ceramic holder!

You can also add a spritz of fragrance to your home with Fired Earth Room Mists.

Green Tea & Bergamot

Bright notes of bergamot are skillfully softened with green tea and white lily whilst a base of musk and amber adds depth to this refreshing fragrance. Clary sage and lemon essential oils subsequently add a sweet and sharp twist to the fresh scent.

Black Tea & Jasmine

This alluring fragrance strikes an oriental chord with spices, amber, cedar and patchouli. It is beautifully finished with a sprinkling of black tea and subsequently enriched with notes of jasmine, guaicwood and vanilla.

Assam & White Cedar

A truly luxurious fragrance which boasts a patchouli, amber, orchid, vanilla and musk base and is rich in fruity notes of bergamot and lemon, pear, plum and peach, and sparkles with a floral heart of freesia, jasmine and hyacinth.

White Tea & Pomegranate

This peppered fragrance is spicy yet crisp as cardamom, armoise and thyme complement an amber, tobacco and cedarwood base whilst a citrus centre and red berry assortment burst through to add a sweet touch to finish.

Fragrant Garden Room Mists

Keep floral fragrances fresh in your home with a spritz of room mist, ready at your fingertips. Fragrant Garden is a timeless collection and has acquired a legion of green-fingered fans who adore the classic floral fragrances. Fragrances therefore include sweet pea, lavender, honeysuckle, freesia and cotton.

Furthermore, a new fragrance from favourite local manufacturers, Charisma is ‘Pink Peppercorn & Tonka Bean’. This fragrance offers top notes of pink pepper and bergamot. It subsequently leads to a heart of jasmine and rose with rich base notes of patchouli, tonka beans and vanilla. Fill your home with this gorgeous new fragrance with a reed diffuser or room spray.

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