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Bedrooms Jun 28, 2022

The Bedroom Shop: 4 Ways To Dress Your Bedroom Effortlessly

Need help styling your bedroom? You’re in the right place! Follow these simple tips to dress your bedroom in an effortless style this season. Shop some of our favourite bedroom essentials at The Bedroom Shop.

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1. Keep it Calm

A calm bedroom is instantly inviting and will help set the tone for restful sleep. Keep your space effortlessly calm and serene with a calming colour palette. Neutral tones often work best for a fresh yet soothing ambience in this space. We love muted tones that reflect light and can also keep your room feeling modern and streamlined. Calm tones like pale greens, greys, beige and white are always great options. Furthermore, you can always incorporate subtle colour variations into your decor choices.

2. Look to Nature

Create a natural, organic feel in your bedroom. Where better to find inspiration than outdoors! This winter, pick up on the textures and colours of nature and bring them into your inner sanctuary. Natural materials such as wood, rattan and jute are thus wonderful additions to an effortlessly styled bedroom.

3. Reconsider your furniture placement

Sometimes, a simple shift of furniture can change the entire feel of your room. Is your bed in the best position possible? What about added storage such as a dresser or side table? Furthermore, consider your light sources and windows and ensure that your furniture placement does not block the flow of natural light into your bedroom. After all, natural light is an essential component of an effortlessly chic bedroom.

4. Make it comfortable

Quality linen and bedding can elevate your space into a cosy master suite. Particularly in winter, choose plush materials and soft, comfy linens to provide heat and create dimension. A beautiful throw can add colour and warmth at the end of your bed, while soft scatters can also bring colour and energy into your space. All of these smaller details will work together to enhance your room.



A beautiful bedroom begins with the right essentials to make your space feel like home. Shop quality linen, furniture and homeware online at The Bedroom Shop.

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