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Bedrooms Oct 23, 2021

The Bedroom Shop: 3 New Trends For 2022

We are thrilled to present some of the latest interior trends that will take the design world by storm in 2022. Today, we’re having a serious moment in the bedroom, with the latest design inspiration and trends to set the scene this season. We also share how you can achieve these latest trends with top picks from The Bedroom Shop.

Let’s Go Mediterranean

The newest Mediterranean trend calls for calming spaces. It’s all about that holiday vibe we have come to love and expect from the Mediterranean lifestyle! In fact, this trend is a fun combo… a little bit coastal mixed in with natural elements to enhance your home with tranquility.

According to design trendsetters, we can look ahead to 2022 to celebrate a New Med trend. It’s all about eclectic, playful-meets-elegance and sophistication. This trend also sees a shift from older Med trends where the signature style called for a more minimalist space with white on white. On the contrary, New Med calls for mismatched furniture, glassware, vintage pieces, brass, and wrought iron. New Med is a beautiful eclectic mix of our favourite things.

Parisian Flair

The French have long been symbols of style and high-end fashion. The latest trend towards Parisian style includes vintage French interior decorations that add interest and charm to the home. In the bedroom, soft embellishments like scatters with tassels and feminine, curved furniture pieces will add to this look. This trend is all about bringing the luxury of the French royal palace back into the bedroom!

The Golden Hour

According to the design team at Homes To Love, the idea of the ‘Golden Hour’ is becoming a trend in itself. So, what exactly is ‘the golden hour’? It’s that perfect time of day, just before nightfall when the sky is perfectly aglow with radiant light as the sun begins to set. It’s a short window of time right before sunset when the air is filled with a flattering golden hue. And it is this honey-toned hue and sun-kissed moment that is beautifully captured in design. There’s nothing more restful than watching the afternoon light, Midas-like, turn everything it touches to gold. Bring this trend into the bedroom with beautiful golden accents and honey tones that reflect light and capture that perfect moment in time.

Shop the look online at The Bedroom Shop and get ready to embrace the latest design trends of 2022 and beyond!



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