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Bedrooms May 23, 2022

Sleep For All Seasons

We humans are incredibly intelligent creatures – we’ve managed to send humans to the moon, eradicate once fatal diseases and even create robots in our likeness. However, for all our resourcefulness and intelligence, we are, after all, still mammals and just like any other mammal we need to eat, breathe oxygen and sleep to survive. These foremost needs – eat, breathe, sleep – affect every arena of our lives and drive our behaviour and choices. And just like mammals, we too are affected by the seasons. As the levels of light and the temperature changes with the seasons, so do we.

Good Sleep is a Hot Topic

Light levels and temperatures have a direct effect on our circadian rhythm, the ‘boss’ of our sleep and wakefulness. Autumn brings milder days, cooler nights, and also a change in our sleep which has us (subconsciously) wanting to sleep more. It also means a drop in temperature, and thus more comfortable and restful sleep for many.

Sleep is a supremely important for our mental health and our biological processes. When we sleep our body works hard to repair cellular damage and excrete waste from our bodies, done mainly through sweating. As a biological function, sweat also helps to regulate our core temperature – and our core temperature is directly linked to sleep. It is a drop in our core temperature which sends signals to the brain to ‘slow down’ and move into a sleep state. If your core temperature doesn’t drop efficiently then you’re likely to have a disrupted and uncomfortable night’s sleep.


Tech and Tools to Support Sleep

We can’t control the seasons, but we can have better control of our sleep environment. We can choose to use the tools at our disposal, be it temperature-control technology, breathable bedding or a good quality mattress. Even small, seemingly insignificant tweaks to our sleep environment can make a big difference, so it’s worth investing in the best sleep aids we can afford.

Our sleep surface, or mattress is arguably the single most important element when it comes to good sleep. Even though each person has their unique preference when it comes to comfort, one thing is constant and that is the need for good temperature control and moisture management. Our sweat is one of the ways in which our body manages our its core temperature, and that sweat is absorbed by your mattress to some degree.

Fortunately, innovations in the world of bedding and sleep means that there is a mattress out there designed to for optimal moisture management and mattress hygiene thanks to Serta®’s Quantech® Sleep Technology. Innovated and designed by the sleep scientists at BoyTeks, Quantech® Technology introduces a one-of-a-kind mattress fabric embedded with Amethyst, called Ametist®. Serta®’s Ametist® is designed to give you the best sleep of your life. Not only is Ametist naturally therapeutic, but it is also naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial – ideal for optimal moisture management and mattress hygiene. Ametist® is just one of many of Serta®’s revolutionary sleep innovations. No two humans are the same and neither are their sleep preferences, and that is why it reaps rewards to explore your options. Dream Republic® is one of Serta®’s exclusive online sellers, and stocks an extensive range of mattresses and beds to suit any budget. What’s more is that Dream Republic®’s easy-to-use website means browsing its offerings with ease without the need to step instore. It’s time to take the time to choose the bed that’s right for you! No matter the season, good sleep is the cornerstone of wellbeing and Dream Republic® is here to support your sleep every step of the way.

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