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Dec 28, 2019

SHF Home: Organise Your Linen Like A Pro In A Stylish Cabinet

Clear out the clutter and get organised before the New Year arrives. Here we share some top tips to help you organise your linen like a pro in a stylish cabinet.

Take stock of what you have…

Pack out your existing linen in an area where you can take stock of everything you have. Set out things like blankets, quilts, towels and bedding so you can see it clearly. Is there anything you no longer need or use? Make a pile of things you want to get rid of and also make a list of things you would like to add to your collection.

Once you have a better idea of what you own, you can better plan the space in a stylish cabinet to safely and neatly house your precious items.

We love tall freestanding cabinets that offer an elegant and chic look. Here are some of our favourite from SHF Home…

Next, sort all of your goods according to their purpose. Place bed sheets in order of bed size and stack towels according to size.

There are various ways to approach folding, but no matter what method you choose, go for one choice and stick with it. When all your linens are neatly folded, your life will be that much easier.

For sheet sets, you can start with the more voluminous items, such as a top sheet, at the bottom, and lightest items such as pillow cases, on the top.

Larger items like duvets and seasonal bedding can be contained in bedding bags. We also like the idea of storing entire sets together. This way, when you change the bedding, you can simply whip out an entire set – saving you time and effort.

A beautiful armoire or cabinet is the ideal space for stylishly storing your linen. Keep this in a bedroom or laundry area and allow it to elevate your space.

For a complete collection of beautiful wooden cabinets and more, visit SHF Home.

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