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Bedrooms Nov 2, 2021

SHF: Blissful Bedroom Styles For Laid-Back Living

Open up the windows and let the sunshine filter into your home. Summer calls for laid-back living with beautiful interiors that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. In the bedroom, we’re seeing textures in abundance. We’re after natural materials that bring organic flair… And let’s not forget beautiful muted tones for that authentic feeling of bliss.


The Showstopper Bed – Keep it Natural.

Your bed is the central piece in your room. It is the main attraction around which the entire design scheme revolves. Make a statement with a showstopper bed in a bold yet natural material. This will give your room a little modern Meditteranean flair while embracing the beauty of nature. Soft wooden tones, rattan, woven materials and more will add to this sophisticated look. Top tip: Complete the look with added greenery in your room for a burst of freshness. Keep your linens light and airy to suit the laid-back tone here.

The Modern Four-Poster

In the past, traditional four-poster beds had a vintage, classic look. The modern four-poster bed does away with that antique-aged look. Instead of curves, it presents solid lines and a streamlined feel. Top tip: Choose organic accents and off-white tones to highlight your feature bed. Lighting, decor and furniture work together in the ultimate tranquil bedroom.

Modern Eclectic

For a truly chic and modern eclectic bedroom, bold is best. Choose dark tones for added drama in your room and bring in a burst of colour through selected accent pieces. Your bed here should complement the overall look. A solid metallic framed bed will add to the contemporary feel of the space. Top tip: Complete the look with trendy ultra-chic furniture choices in a mix of materials – wood, metals, pattern and more work best to finish off this chic look. Choose abstract art for that extra wow factor and create your own personalise blissful retreat to suit your personality.

Industrial Elegance

Industrial design is a little edgy, a little urban, and a lot of cool! Choose pieces that bring a real, raw ruggedness to your bedroom. However, you can soften up the masculine look with calming linens and upholstery. To achieve the look, balance is important here. Choose a combination of soft and hard edges; urban contemporary pieces with natural elements.

Your bedroom is everything you make it out to be. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your space, find the latest trends online at SHF.

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