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Bedrooms May 30, 2024

SEALY SA: Firm or Soft Mattress – which is best?

Deciding between a firm mattress and a soft mattress is not such an easy task. It depends on personal preference and your unique sleep requirements.

Side sleepers are often more comfortable on mattresses that range from medium to plush. Back sleepers tend to gravitate towards firmer-feeling mattresses, while stomach sleepers usually favour a medium feel (not too firm, not too soft).

Consider a firmer mattress if you often feel overly warm at night. You may wish to look for mattresses that has climate control fabric that encourages breathability, like the mattresses in the Sealy Crown Jewel collection. Mattresses made with pure new wool have a natural ability to both warm and cool, helping you stay dry and relaxed at a comfortable temperature.

If the bed is intended for guests, consider a mattress that will suit a wide variety of sleepers. A medium to firm mattress is usually recommended in this case.


The Sealy Mattress Selector helps take the guess work out of choosing a new mattress. Simply answer a few questions online and we will recommend the best mattress for your needs. Click here to get started.


When shopping for your new Sealy, it is safest to make sure you are purchasing your bed from an Authorised Sealy Retailer, and you receive an official invoice. Remember, our list of authorised retailers are on the Sealy website. Click here to view a list of Sealy retailers. If the store you’re shopping at isn’t on this list, contact us to check if that store is in fact authorised to sell Sealy mattresses.

If you visit different stores testing out the various Sealy beds, the specific models might not be an exact match. Sealy retailers choose their own bed names, so when you shop at different stores, the names will be different. Browse the Sealy website to view the full range from which retailers choose certain models to sell.

All Sealy mattresses come with a warranty, which will protect you in the unlikely event of a factory defect. Once you purchase your Sealy, visit our website to register your warranty. This is a good way to protect your investment. A warranty is your protection against defective workmanship – it is not a guarantee of product life or more important, of comfort life.

Contact: Sealy South Africa.

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