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Nov 14, 2018

Sealy: Make The Most of Your Bedroom with Added Storage

Storage is often a problem in many homes, especially when it comes to the sanctuary of your bedroom. Personal items, excess linen, and an overflowing wardrobe can all cause complications and clutter in this intimate room in your house. Here we share a few tips to help you create added storage and maximise the look and style of your bedroom with ease.

  1. Underbed storage

There is an entire area of unutilised space in your bedroom – and it can be found under your bed. Invest in underbed drawers that you can pull out and use to store linen, clothing and more. You could also decide to invest in a special bed with built-in and customisable under-bed storage. This way you can create a clutter free and uniform look in your master suite!

2. Drawer Dividers

Maximise your drawers and dressing table with drawer dividers and organizers to make the space work better for you. Clear out the clutter and store things in a more orderly fashion in your drawers. This way, you’ll feel more in charge of your space and keep things in a neat manner at all times.

3. Built-in cupboards

Not only nice to look at, but built-in cupboards often work to fully maximise the space in your bedrooms. Custom-design a full wall of closet space to suit your needs. If space is limited, you could also design to include built-in custom cabinets in little nooks in your room to make the most of any awkward corners. Built-in storage can be a lifesaver in a small bedroom where you need added storage!

4. End of Bed Storage

Invest in a beautiful bench or end of bed ottoman as added storage. This can be multi-functional as a seat and storage for linen, clothing and more. A beautiful upholstered ottoman can also work to complement your design scheme and add to the overall style of your precious bedroom.

Remember to invest in a quality bed to ensure that your bedroom is both stylish and comfortable. Sealy is our go-to supplier of superior beds and mattresses, ensuring a good night’s rest every night.

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