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Bedrooms Dec 23, 2021

Sealy: Create Your Dream Bedroom On A Budget

Creating a bedroom retreat need not be an overly expensive exercise. In fact, you can get away with transforming your space into a high-end master suite, even when on a budget. Follow these top tips to create a luxurious bedroom, without overspending.

Get creative with decor

Art can set your bedroom apart. However, custom artwork can be very expensive. If you’re feeling creative, why not DIY some art for your walls. All you’ll need is a large format paper – wallpaper, wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper are wonderful options. Frame a few in various shaped frames and create a unique DIY gallery wall to bring colour and pattern to your room. Another option is to print some high resolution images on printable paper and frame these instead. Either way, if you’re willing to DIY your art, you’ll be sure to save a pretty penny and still achieve a luxe ambience.

Declutter your room

Luxury hotels all have one thing in common. No messy spaces. Hotel rooms are often sleek, minimalist and appealing. In the calm of the minimalist spaces, we find a luxury retreat to enjoy the space. The same can be achieved in your bedroom. Start by decluttering any open spaces and surfaces. Pack those toiletries into cupboards and invest in storage to hide your everyday wares. You’ll instantly give your room a luxe makeover, without spending any money.

Create a lounging nook

Hotel rooms often give visitors a space to be mindful. A little nook where you can sit, read, relax and more. All you need to achieve this is to bring in an occasional chair into a safe spot in your room. Not sure where to place it? A sunny spot near a window is often a great spot! Now you can enjoy the perfect place to unwind and enjoy your room, the way it was intended!

Keep it neutral

High-end rooms have a sense of tranquility and calm which is often achieved through a stylish, neutral palette. Choose light linens for your bed and keep colours to a calm, neutral shade. You can always accessorise with colour seasonally, but a neutral backdrop creates a wonderful timeless look.

Invest in the basics

Spend your money on what matters most. A quality bed and mattress are essential items. We, therefore, encourage you to save up and buy the best bed set you can afford. This will be money well spent as a bed is a much-needed item for years to come. Not sure where to start your bed search? Sealy offers a range of superior quality beds to ensure a good night’s sleep. They are in the business of helping the world sleep better. So, have a look at their website, create that wish list and save up for a bed that will be a worthy investment to your health and bedroom.

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