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Aug 31, 2019

Sealy: A Spring Clean Checklist For Your Bedroom

Spring is here and with the dawn of a new season comes ample opportunities to Spring Clean your home. Here we share a cleaning checklist for the bedroom, with thanks to our friends at Sealy.

Cleaning the bedroom need not be a boring chore. If you have a plan, you can quickly and more efficiently organise and clean this space. Follow these eight tips to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier bedroom this Spring.

1. Declutter

Do a simple once over of your bedroom. Toss trash in the bin. Pack away clothing and essentials. Declutter all open surfaces. Gather everything that does not belong in the bedroom and move these to their proper places.

2. Remove All Linen

Remove all linen from your bed and toss this into the washing machine or laundry basket. Be sure to remove all curtains as well as any soft furnishings such as throws, scatter cushions and more – and get these laundered.

3. Start Dusting

Dust from the ceiling down to the floor. Be sure to dust in all those corners you have overlooked for most of the year. Move furniture around so you can dust in those hard to reach places too. If you have a TV mounted in the bedroom, this is often an overlooked space for dusting. Be sure to carefully dust the surfaces here. If you have decor or frames on the walls, remove these for dusting too.

4. Polish all wooden furniture

If you have a bedside table or chest of drawers, be sure to treat the wood and clean it from any dust or sticky residue. Wipe down with a clean cloth and use a good furniture polish to ensure the longevity of your wooden pieces. The frame of your bed is another overlooked area. If wood, be sure to wipe down the frame of your bed too.

5. Wipe down dirty walls

Now is the time to take a look at your painted walls and wipe away any obvious dust and grime. Get a bucket of soapy water and a cloth and wipe away any obvious marks.

6. Wash down windows, blinds and windowsills

Take some time to properly clean your windows and blinds. Furniture wipes are often a great option for cleaning blinds – both aluminium and wood varieties.

7. Clean your mattress

A mattress is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Be sure to vacuum your mattress and air it regularly. Remember to flip your mattress so you can do the underside too. To protect your mattress from stains, be sure to invest in a good mattress protector to fit your bed.

8. Vacuum the floor

Vacuum up dust and dirt on your bedroom floor. Be sure to move around heavier furniture items to vacuum in those nooks which are often forgotten.

Bring comfort and style to your bedroom with Sealy. Their family of mattress brands can be found in homes like yours, hotels and luxury resorts worldwide, and even the White House, USA. But most of all, Sealy is proud that consumers have recognised their commitment to helping the world sleep better by making Sealy and its brands the most popular in the world.

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