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Bedrooms Oct 31, 2020

ODESSA Sealy Posturematic

Experience comfort at any angle with a Sealy adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover their many benefits.

Whether it’s reading a book before the lights go out or for medical reasons, Sealy adjustable beds usher in a new era of adaptable sleeping. In addition to comforts such as varied head and foot positions, a wireless remote control, massage options, and much more, adjustable beds can help increase blood flow, decrease snoring and add optimal support for sore joints and other ailments.

“Adjustable beds were initially associated only with hospitals and health care, however that has changed significantly in recent years. Adjustable beds have become a popular lifestyle choice,” explains Sealy South Africa brand executive, Riaan Strydom. “Much research and development has gone into evolving these beds into luxurious and stylish additions for any home. If you’re serious about sleep, then investigate the benefits of an adjustable bed. They’re like the Rolls Royce of beds.”

For people who suffer from chronic pain, shoulder arthritis, osteoarthritis or those who have undergone back or neck surgery, a Sealy adjustable bed could offer better quality sleep. The ability to adjust either the head or foot of the bed, or both, and to sleep inclined with a steady level of support can help ease discomfort and facilitate better sleep. For those who suffer from osteoarthritis, sleeping slightly inclined and with the right support can help minimise joint compression and provide a more comfortable sleep.

“People who have a medical condition where they feel more comfortable in an inclined position, with the upper body elevated and seated in a recliner rather than on a flat mattress, may benefit from an adjustable bed,” points out Strydom.

Adjustable beds can also improve blood circulation, help minimise snoring, and provide optimal support for sore joints.

“Of course, you can achieve all of this by propping yourself up with pillows. However, with an adjustable bed, you have the ability to adjust your bed to your personal needs at any given moment, with the push of a button,” says Strydom.

The Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Power Base comes with a wireless remote, the option to programme custom positions as well as pre-set TV and zero-gravity positions.

“The zero-gravity position is often associated with adjustable beds – it’s one of the greatest benefits of these beds – but it was NASA who identified the benefits of this sleep position. This position is used to support the spines and bodies of astronauts as a spacecraft leaves the earth’s surface,” Strydom explains. “In zero-gravity, the head is raised slightly, and the knees are slightly bent as the legs are raised to about heart level. This position encourages relaxation as gravity is evenly distributed throughout the body.”

Other features of this world-class bed include a powerlift motor with a 270kg lifting capacity, LCD clock, alarm function, flashlight, indirect lighting, free-fall design safety feature, and a dual, variable-intensity massage function.

“What could be better than starting and ending every day with a massage?” laughs Strydom. “The Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Power Base adjusts to your life – helping you live your best life every day!”

ODESSA Sealy Posturematic




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