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Bedrooms Jun 20, 2021

Move From A Cot To A Big-Kid Bed with Sealy Singles

Healthy sleep, healthy growth and better rest for your child’s growing body.

One of the biggest milestones in your child’s first few years is the transition from cot to bed. The timing of this move often depends on your child’s physical skills and emotional readiness. It’s also important to invest in a ‘big-kid’ bed that will support your child’s growing body.

Children develop at different rates, so don’t worry about making the change by a specific age. However, as a general guideline, children are ready to move to a big bed from around 18 months to three years old. This might vary between siblings, so don’t be surprised if your second child is ready to make the move sooner or later than your first.



Firm Single

Is your child ready?

Below are a few signs that might let you know that your child is ready to move to a Sealy Singles bed:

  • Climbing: If your toddler can climb out of the cot, then it’s time to change. Climbing could cause falling and injury, so your child will be safer in a low bed.
  • Growth spurt: Your baby may physically outgrow their cot. Once they start to get tall enough that they are no longer comfortable laying down in their cot, then a bed could be a better option.
  • Toilet training: If you’re potty training your child and they no longer use nappies at night, then knowing how to get in and out of bed at night will give them the freedom and control they need.

Once it is time to make the change, you’ll want to give them a Sealy Singles bed set with correct support for your child’s growing body. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your child’s growth and development, and a comfortable and supportive mattress can make all the difference. A Sealy Singles mattress provides optimum spinal support for your child.



The Singles Range

Sealy’s new Singles range of mattresses help children get the quality sleep they need for healthy physical and mental development. Like all Sealy mattresses, the Singles range of beds is made with hypoallergenic properties to combat common household allergens for a fresher sleeping experience. Consisting of layers of pressure relieving foam and Sealy’s exclusive double offset spring system, Sealy Singles provide comforting support for your child, allowing their body to rest and recover after a long day of play and learning.

Sealy Singles are available in Firm, Medium and Plush comfort options.

Make the change

Make the change from cot to bed easier on you and your baby with these tips from Sealy:

  • Keep things familiar

Transfer your child’s favourite toys or blankets into the bed. Keep their bedtime habit the same. Putting the new bed in the same place as the cot will also help.

  • Toddler proof the room

In the event the toddler can climb from their new bed, then make sure the room is a secure environment for them. Secure any electrical devices and install plug covers on plug points. If the curtains or blinds have cords make sure to move them out-of-reach, or change them with cords that do not have a loop.

In terms of safety, railings are a good idea. Your toddler is used to rolling around in a cot and being “caught” by the sides if necessary. Safety railings will prevent them from rolling out of bed.

  • Make it exciting

Let your toddler know ahead of time that they will be changing beds and ensure it is sound like a fun event. Make a big deal about it and praise them for trying out the new bed. You can involve them in the process as much as possible by letting them pick out the bed and bedding with you.

  • Be patient

Your toddler might not adjust straight away to their new bed. This means that, even though they have been sleeping through the night for some time, you might have some sleepless nights in the beginning. Give them time to adjust to the new arrangement and be patient. If you are frustrated, then your toddler is like to get more frustrated as well.


Youth Day Giveaway

Sealy is celebrating youth month by giving away 1 x Sealy Single bed a week for the month of June, in honour of Youth Day. Follow Sealy South Africa on Facebook for competition info.

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