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Bedrooms Jun 14, 2021

Winter Bedroom Picks: Snuggle Up With Makoti Down Products

Keep the cold out and the heat in. Makoti Down Products are beautifully stylish and functional for the bedroom. Warm, light and breathable – Down Products are a must-have for any winter bedroom. Remember, you can also join in the celebrations with Makoti’s birthday month in July with a mystery discount!

Luxurious Down Pillows

Choose between Goose Down or Duck Down Pillows. Both are super-soft…how sleeping in heaven must be… But what is the difference you may ask yourself?

Well, because Goose Down has bigger down clusters, it lofts more than Duck Down. Therefore it also costs more. Makoti Goose Down Pillows also have a higher pure down percentage content than the Duck Down Pillows. This makes them the softest, fluffiest pillows ever. A bed partner for life!

These Goose Down Pillows are a super-lovely 95/5% mix (95% pure goose down and 5% soft downy feathers) while Makoti Duck Down is more economical at 70/30% (70% pure duck down and 30% soft downy feathers).

The choice is yours. Both will serve you for years. Washable. Non-allergic. Make your choice between Goose or Duck Down and then choose between soft, medium or firm to suit your needs.

All Seasons Down Duvets

So this is it, the most versatile duvet of all duvets. Your light and cool Summer Duvet clips onto your warm Autumn Duvet to make a full Winter Duvet. Nifty. Simple. Warm or cool.

This gives you versatility throughout the year. Use your Summer Duvet in summer, your Autumn Duvet in autumn and then clip the two duvets together in the icy winter months, and Voila! Heat and cold problem solved.

Choose between economical Top-Quality Duck Down (70/30%), Superior Goose Down (95/5%) or our Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down (100%). 70/30% means 70% pure down and 30% soft downy feathers. The higher the percentage pure down, the higher the quality. But also more pricey. It’s your delicious choice 🙂

The NOMITE Label

All Makoti bedding items carry the NOMITE label, which deems it fit to be used in a house dust mite allergy sufferer’s home. The down and feather-filled products provide excellent thermal and climatic conditions – they warm you up rapidly when you’re sleeping but also decrease the bed’s humidity if the room is aired regularly. This makes it a very poor habitat for house dust mites to live in, as they thrive in humid conditions.

Another protective element to re-assure you is a tightly woven down-proof fabric – this makes it impossible for house dust mites to penetrate the fabric. Therefore, people suffering from dust allergies may enjoy the warmth and comfort of down and feather-filled duvets and pillows displaying the NOMITE mark.

Keep snug this winter and invest in the best bedding for your bedroom. Don’t forget to join in the celebration with Makoti’s birthday month in July with a mystery discount!

Shop the full range at Makoti Down Products.

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