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The Hall Collection: When Is It Time To Change Your Bed?

How will you recognise if your bed needs to be replaced? Here are 7 points to help you know when the time is right.

Consider The Age of Your Bed

A 10-year-old bed has been used about 3,650 nights. Given that we move an average of 40 times per night, the bed base and the mattress will have had to work approximately 150,000 times. An older bed may need replacing.

Consider size and length

In order to relax all of your muscles and to allow the body and mind to recover, it is important to opt for a sufficiently long and wide bed. A sleep regularly disrupted by discomfort issues is ultimately a source of fatigue. If you bed is not meeting your needs in terms of size and length, it may be time to replace it.

How tired are you really?

An unsuitable bed causes pain and stiffness. In turn, these cause repeated awakening especially during the second part of the night eventually leading to physical and mental exhaustion. With a new bed and bedding, the muscular system is relaxed and so temporary awakening happens less frequently.

Does your body hurt?

Many body pains are aggravated and even caused by poor postures during sleep due to worn or unsuitable bedding. If you suffer from back pain, look for a custom-support mattress and learn how to not confuse firmness with hardness.

Does your spouse wake you up at night?

Some mattresses provide more sleeping independence than others. For couples with a big difference in body size, it is recommended to use two mattresses, or a mattress with two different hardnesses (him & her option). If your spouse’s movements wake you up at night, it may be time to replace your bedding.

Does your bed make a noise?

Mechanical wear is further increased by the natural ageing of the components. After 10 years, even the performance of a good bed decreases by about 25%… And much more for a low quality bed base and mattress.

Does your bed sink in the middle?

If your bed feels like you are at the bottom of a bowl, it is because the suspension is worn. The bed no longer provides the essential support for back muscle and spine relaxation.

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