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Bedrooms Apr 30, 2021

The Bedroom Shop: 7 Essentials For A Timeless Bedroom

A classic bedroom is one that oozes timeless style with quality furnishings. When you have the base of your bedroom sorted, you have a foundation on which to create the bedroom of your dreams. Here we share some essentials to help create a timeless master suite.

Quality always wins

The truth is, there is no exact formula when it comes to designing your perfect bedroom. As every individual is unique, so too is our distinct needs and tastes to make the bedroom the perfect space for ‘us’. Our advice is to always start with quality furniture. A solid bed is a must-have and will be the focal point of your room. However quality furniture such as storage, bedside cabinets or even a chest of drawers can make your room feel equally stylish and functional.

Keep it Simple

Sleek, simple and timeless materials and colours are always a winner. Achieve the look with a soft palette of whites, beige and grey with wooden tones to bring warmth. This is an easy start to a timeless design. Incorporate this palette into your furniture choices, which you can easily dress up with smaller decor and soft furnishings if you so desire a more vibrant look through the seasons.

A Layered Look

Add depth to your master suite with a layered look, especially on your bed. As winter draws closer, add various textures and layers to your bed. Use throws, blankets and scatters to bring warmth and added comfort. This will also give your space a cosy, intimate feel.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Storage

Create a tranquil bedroom environment by keeping clutter at bay. An easy solution is added storage in this space. Whether you add a dresser, drawers or side cabinets, this will give you more control over your space and ensure that your room feels timeless, peaceful and clutter-free.

Add A Bed-End

If your room is large enough, add a bench, ottoman or bed end to the foot of your bed. This will create a functional seating spot and add to the overall look of your room. Soften it up with a plush throw, an upholstered cushion top, or colourful scatters.

Soft Furnishings Matter

Your choice of curtains, rugs, scatters and more are essential. This will bring texture and colour to your space. Make your room feel comfy and personalised with these small touches to bring a brighter look to your room.

Shop A Trusted Brand

When it comes to sourcing your perfect bedroom pieces, shop trusted brands and recognised products. The Bedroom Shop Online is an easy, convenient and recognised way to shop for all your bedroom needs. As an internet-based company, the Bedroom Shop specialises in the supply of bedroom furniture, linen and homeware throughout South Africa. The site runs in conjunction with a showroom/retail store, The Bedroom Shop in Knysna on the Garden Route.

With over 20 years in the industry and great support from all suppliers, The Bedroom Shop trades via the internet and deliver nationwide from various depots.

Visit The Bedroom Shop for more info.

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